Friday, July 11, 2008

My first bobbin full

singles spun from 100% Corriedale top
on my new Womack Butterfly electric spinner

No, your eyes are not deceiving you -- that is definitely an uneven bobbin, with more yarn on the left (front) than on the right (back). From my preliminary investigation, (searching in the Ravelry forums using the keywords "WooLee Winder uneven"), this is apparently not unusual for a new WW, and will apparently work itself out as the WooLee Winder flyer gets broken in. I hope that's true. Otherwise, I'll be contacting the WW folks for advice and perhaps a repair. I need to order more bobbins from them anyway....

I also need to order some spinning wheel oil and a tensioned Lazy Kate. I'm open to recommendations.

I've been spinning every day for at least an hour, since the start of Tour de Fleece last Saturday, and I'm really enjoying it. It's very relaxing, and I could keep at it for longer, but during the work-week, I tend to get sleepy in the evenings after an hour or two of spinning. I do look forward to finishing up this bobbin. (Experienced spinners: should I consider this bobbin already finished, since the front is full?)

In any case, once finished, I will then wind it into a center-pull ball and ply it to itself, (that is, if I've given the singles enough twist so that they don't fall apart during plying. Fingers crossed.)

My next minor dilemma is a good problem to have: what to spin next? The prettiest hand-painted fibers I currently own all happen to be merino, but I'm thinking that I should maybe stick with long-stapled fibers for awhile. I'm uninspired by the BFL, Targhee and Rambouillet in my stash, and I'm saving my Polwarth until I feel much more proficient with the spinner. Should I wait for the BFL that I just ordered to arrive? Dare I try the merino?

An announcer's deep voice cuts in, accompanied by dramatic organ music:
  • What will Mary do?
  • How will this saga unfold?
  • Which fiber will Mary pick?
  • Tune in next time to find out!



issy said...

Wow. Good job!!
I think you need another ticker at the top of the blog for how long you've been spinning!!

Liz said...

That's pretty neat! Oh to have a woollee winder for my Lendrum :)

Spinning oil- I use something from Radio Shack. It looks like a pen, and it's called "Needle tip precision lubricator". I actually found out about it on Ravelry. It's very easy and no mess.

Maia said...

I would pack more on the bobbin, but that is my tendency. I don't have any experience with woolee winders though.

Hells yes you dare! How precious can it possibly be?

If your singles don't have enough twist put the full bobbin on a kate and run it through the wheel again.

Maia said...

And how much better do you want to be before you use "the good stuff"? Your spinning looks pretty darn good to me.

Polwarth is addictive! Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!!!

Bess said...

Use your merino. There will ALWAYS be more beautiful rovings for you to spin. You need to make room for them by spinning up what you have.