Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hold on to your chairs...

...I have a scarf update.

Breaking News -- it's longer:

I'm about to finish the first ball of Noro Cash Island, and the scarf currently measures about 20" x 5", so should be an optimal 60" long by the end of the third ball.

I'm really enjoying knitting this. I just do one or two sections at a sitting, and can even put it down mid-section and figure out where I am when I pick it up again later. Yet it maintains my interest as it grows and the colors change. A fun knit. It'll probably end up as some family member's Christmas gift. And when I finish it, I might just start another. Maybe.

Here's a couple of shamelessly self-indulgent close-ups:

Is anyone else as excited as I am about next weekend's Fall Fiber Festival? And look at that weather forecast:

If the weather really is that nice all weekend, I may go both days! Can't wait!

But I must also visit the State Fair at some point, possibly Friday afternoon, to see this year's TNK ribbon winners. Patsy, Amy, Jon and Lou all won ribbons again for their sewn, spun and/or knitted crafts. They are my heroes!

I will end this short post, so that I can go back to playing with fiber.

But before I go, I must say two things:

  • Rest in peace, Paul Newman. Your sparkling blue eyes will be missed.

  • Go Redskins, beat the Cowboys!

That is all. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


issy said...

I just wanted to point out that the scarf IS NOT TEAL!!!!
I love it!! Great job. And the fiber fest should be great if the forecast is right!!

ladyoftheloom said...

Your scarf looks great!

Robin said...

Love the scarf!