Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday with Friends & Yarn


Last Saturday, some knitting friends and I participated in a little yarn crawl about an hour east of Richmond. Linda, Issy, Sheddy, and myself met at a local Starbucks, and Linda drove, while my GPS ("Nigel") and I navigated, and Sheddy & Issy provided entertaining commentary from the back seat.

Within an hour we had arrived at our destination:

Sheddy, Linda & Issy

-- none other than the fabulous Knitting Sisters yarn shop in Williamsburg, VA. I'd never been to that shop before, and had heard nothing but good things, so was eager to check out their offerings.

Shortly after our arrival we met up with two more knitting friends:

Robin H. & Pam

Shortly after their arrival, another knitting friend, Jennifer, joined us, and while some of us sat and knit in Knitting Sisters' comfy knitting chairs:

Pam, Linda & Jennifer

...others of us shopped their lovely wares:

They carry a lovely assortment of yarns, and I think if I'd been left to my own devices, I might have put a hurtin' on their inventory, but with the distraction of friends and conversation, I was able to resist, and left there empty-handed. I'll definitely be back there, though, next chance I get!

I couldn't resist capturing a little video of the sheepy cuckoo clock they have on the wall. Check it out:

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On our way back to the car, we walked by a home & garden shop with this gorgeous bench out front:

I love garden benches, and weather-proof concrete is surely tempting, if ridiculously heavy, (and probably outrageously pricey). It's fun to dream, though.

After we left Knitting Sisters, we decided to eat lunch at Old Chickahominy House:

They were fairly busy and couldn't seat us right away, but no matter -- we were able to browse their lovely gift shop while we waited:

Lunch was delicious. I had a basic cheeseburger and a piece of chocolate pie for dessert; others in our group raved about the traditional Brunswick Stew, ham biscuits and coconut pie they were served.

Afterwards, Jennifer made a scruffy friend in the parking lot:

The next stop on our journey was Coordinated Colors yarn shop in Yorktown, (click link at your own risk; it's a very busy website), which has a fairly unassuming exterior:

Inside, we were amazed at the quantity and variety of yarns carried in this shop, where you might find Red Heart in the same aisle right next to the Lily Chin. We all agreed that she carried many yarns we had never heard of; her sock yarn selection was incredible. The store owner told us that she donates much of her discontinued yarns to charity, so if you're a charity knitter, give her a call -- she said she's happy to box up yarns sitting idle in her warehouse and send them on to someplace where they can do some good.

I admired this particular entrelac triangular shawl that was on display:

with a very interesting fringe:

I believe Linda purchased the pattern for this shawl, which was knit with a Jojoland yarn. Seems like Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden would work well for it, too....

But again, I left another yarn shop empty-handed. (What's wrong with me? I don't know, except that I think I'm currently a little disgusted with the size of my yarn stash, and am also currently in more of a fiber and drop spindle purchasing mindset.... Look out Maryland Sheep & Wool!)

After leaving Coordinated Colors, we made another stop, this time at Trader Joe's in Newport News, a first-time visit to this grocery chain for many of us. What an interesting place! They were jam-packed with pre-Super Bowl shoppers, but the checkout lines moved quickly. I managed to grab a few yummy items (granola, chocolate-covered blueberries, sweet potato chips, etc.), which I've been munching on all week. Word is that there's a Trader Joe's coming to Short Pump, (which might as well be Newport News, as far as this southside gal is concerned), but it's a nice store, so I'd be happy to shop there again next time I'm near one.

After we left Trader Joe's, we hopped in our cars and went on our way home, but made one last stop to hit the ladies room:

...and look who was going through the drive-thru at the same time:

Fun times, everyone! Let's do it again!


Nikki said...

It looks like great fun!! How were the knitters chairs??

Leslie said...

Wow. That is my idea of the Perfect Day!

rho said...

I am envious of the whole trip :D

I love that shawl - must see it when it is done please tell Linda to be sure to post it somewhere.

Bess said...

Oh I hope the next time you go east and south I can join you. sigh. What fun. I love Knitting Sisters but I've never been to the one in Yorktown.

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful trip! I agree, Knitting Sisters is a lovely shop with a great selection. AND natural light!

Margaret said...

Oh, Knitting Sisters is a very nice shop, and there's a cute little bead shop just a couple of doors down. Sounds like it was a fun day, sorry I couldn't join you all.

Dina said...

Mary, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)

Imagine my surprise when I read your profile and saw that you're from VA! I was born and raised in Norfolk -- I'm a Navy Brat!

It's a rare opportunity that I "meet" someone from my home State.

I'm jealous ... that yarn crawl looked fun!