Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wanna Buy a Yarn Shop?

Friend and fellow Tuesday Night Knitter Mary Jane Watkins has asked me to post the following message on my blog, and as sad as I am for her that she's facing such a transition, I will happily do whatever I can to help her out. So, feel free to spread the word:


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    Robin said...

    I received the email today...I'm so sorry I hope Mary Jane is okay.
    I wish I could buy it!!

    lmilla said...

    wow.... I'm sorry she has to let the shop go! This is a dream of mine, but in the wrong time of my life, too....

    Anonymous said...

    This sounds like a fun opportunity. I wish I didn't live two hours away.

    Liz R. said...

    Mary!! How's the new job going?? I've been thinking about you!!

    Courtney said...

    That is so odd about Unraveled. My LYS here in San Antonio is also closing for similar sounding change of life reasons. It makes me wish I were in a place to buy a yarn store, but at the moment, I'm not. I do hope someone buys Unraveled; I learned to purl there!