Friday, May 02, 2008

The Boss


Wednesday night I saw my dream-husband Bruce Springsteen and his "heart-stoppin', pants-droppin', earth-shockin', hard-rockin', booty-shakin', earth-quakin', love-makin', Viagra-takin', history-makin', legendary E-Street Band" perform at the John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville.

I last saw him 2005, when he came to Richmond on his solo "Devils and Dust" tour and gave us an incredible show, one that was very different from what E-Street Band fans are used to seeing. And while that '05 tour and album proved to me his incredible artistic versatility, Wednesday's show underscored his stamina and longevity.

This 58-year-old man, who has been rockin' hard for 30 years, has still got it. With every bit as much energy as his four-hour "Born in the USA" tour I caught in Hampton in 1985, (but alas, only half the length -- the man is pushing 60, after all, and his fans are getting old, as well), The Boss did not disappoint. (Although, someday, somehow, someway, I'm going to see him perform "Rosalita" live...).

Clarence "Big Man" Clemmons

Stevie van Zandt

Max Weinberg

Best songs of the night included a surprise rendition of "No Surrender" early in the show, "Radio Nowhere" from his new album 'Magic'; and oldies like "10th Avenue Freeze-Out", "Born to Run", "Badlands", "Adam Raised a Cain", "Prove It All Night"...

...and "Jungleland":

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"Badlands" and "Jungleland" are two of my all-time favorite Springsteen songs, and were easily the highlights of the night for me. A moment that was a close second, however, and that proved that (my dream-husband) Bruce has still got it, was when he slid across the stage on his knees (58-year old knees!) during "Mary's Place". I cannot think of a better song to prove his virility.


(Newspaper reviews here and here. Set list here. A few more photos out on Flickr, here.)


Robin said...

Mary, you're a hoot! Glad you got to attend and THE BOSS didn't disappoint!

andrea said...

wow, that roving is a gorgeous colour! and your drop spindle puts mine to shame (not that i know how to use it yet)... concert must have been amazing!