Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Boss is not a knitter....

...but pesky little details like that just don't matter when you're in the presence of greatness.

He came to town last night and was as amazing as ever. I missed the E-Street Band, but not much. He puts on a great show all by his lonesome. (Setlist available here.)

I think that Cara, who dreams about him on a nightly basis, should knit him some socks in a colorway that matches the stage lighting. I think he'd appreciate it.

Actually, the Coliseum was so chilly, thanks to Hurricane Wilma raging outside, that even Bruce mentioned that his hands were cold as he was playing the piano. I think, then, that fingerless gloves might be a more appropriate gift for the one true King of rock-n-roll. (Step aside, Elvis - you've been de-throned).


Cara said...

Envy doesn't even begin to cut it. Seriously. :-)

Glad you had an amazing time. Btw, in my dreams he's always 1978/80 Bruce. Always.

Mary said...

OMG yes - he was at his absolute sexiest around that time. I saw him in 1984, I think, and had floor seats and stood on a chair while he sang Dancing In The Dark and he pointed right AT ME and sang, "Hey there, baby...". AND I got a picture of that, to boot! My life has never been the same! ;-)