Monday, October 31, 2005

Thumb-twiddling... on the client site as they don't seem to remember when I'm here until Thursday right before I leave, so I end up looking for things to do for the first couple of days. And so, my blog gets a Monday post.

Anyway, last night I tried the long-tail cast-on again for the ribbed scarf and finally got the tail length about right, (the remaining tail is still a little long for my preference, but enough is enough, ya know?) And so, I'm happily knitting along in the airport this morning and on my first flight, when, shortly after take-off the woman in the window seat (I was on the aisle) has me stop mid-row so she can get out to go to the bathroom. (I'm thinking to myself, you didn't go when we were all still in the airport a mere 15 minutes ago? This is a forty minute flight - you can't hold it?) I'm uncharitable like that on Monday mornings. Okay, grouchy. So, anyway, in all the up-and-down of letting her out and back in, she got me flustered and I F-!#$%^&*'d up the row I was on -- purled when I should have knitted, so half the row is wrong -- and now I don't know how to fix it. I know how to fix a mistake in garter stitch or stockinette, but can't seem to figure it out when it's knits and purls in the same row, so I had to put the knitting away for the rest of the flight, which made my former knitterly "zen" state of calm turn into a state of royally-peeved annoyance. And then I had nothing to knit on the next flight, either. Grrrrrrr. I at least had a book to read, but I really wanted to keep knitting. And so, I will try to fix it tonight in the hotel room, but I may have to go to the one-and-only yarn store in town at lunch tomorrow and see if the owner can help me. How sad that I get stalled by such silly little things. I sure wish I was home this week and could go to the Stitch 'N Bitch group -- I'll bet someone there could help me. I guess it's all a part of the learning process....

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