Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beginner Knitting book - for kids and the young-at-heart


It took my sister-in-law and a children's knitting book to teach me how. Don't knock it, though - it's very well written and very basic -- just what I needed. It came with two size 8 wooden knitting needles and three hanks of that blue acrylic worsted weight yarn, which is very splitty. After Jenny taught me how to knit my first row, I knitted up many more rows to practice. Then I taught myself the purl stitch from the book, and knitted some rows of stockinette. When I was almost out of that first ball of practice yarn, I decided to rip it out, and start again, using it as a practice swatch. So you can now see several rows of garter stitch, several of stockinette, and my very first attempt at k2p2 ribbing. My next practice attempt will be some cabling, I think. Anyway, it's a great little beginner book.

Thanks again, Jenny!

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