Sunday, October 02, 2005

The butt-ugly scarf

*CAUTION: Avert your eyes if you are hung-over or prone to nausea!*

There's really no other term for this -- butt-ugly just suits it so well. I asked sister-in-law Jenny to confirm the butt-ugliness, and although she was kind and didn't use that particular term, she did say that the (Gedifra Chapello) yarn that I'm using as fringe (sort of) was "a little much". Talk about understatement! I finally figured out that it is an exact match to the shag carpet we had in our family room growing up in the 1970's. And so, I cannot in good conscience give this as a gift to sister-in-law Mary or anyone that I care about. I might wear it at Thanksgiving and give it to the first person who makes any kind of comment (good or bad), just to get it the heck out of my house....

It was knitted on size 13 needles, casting on 15 stitches, not that anyone cares.

Close-ups of knitting (aka, my alternative to syrup of ipecac):


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