Thursday, October 27, 2005

Take a good long look...

... because this is about to be frogged:

And this is why:

<-- (#1) I split the yarn on these stitches, and it just looks messy and frayed.

(#2) I have this wonky <--stitch right here on the edge where it will stare accusingly as I knit this entire scarf and I don't know that I can stand it.

A close-up of the wonky stitch:

It is a beautiful yarn and pattern, though, so I will start over. It will be for my dad for Christmas. The yarn is Karabella's "aurora bulky" color:18 (navy), and the pattern is Alison's lovely "orange bliss scarf" pattern, which is basically 2x2 rib throughout the entire length of it. My LYS doesn't carry Debbie Bliss yarn, and recommended this as a substitute. It is really quite nice, my only regret being that it is 100% merino rather than a merino/cashmere blend like Debbie Bliss' cashmerino, so I cannot brag about a gift of (a tiny percentage of) cashmere. Close enough.

Another pic:

Ribbing is really quite cool. It amazes me that just putting your needle in the stitch a different way makes a purl which, when paired with another purl and spaced in between pairs of knit stitches, causes this stretchy fabric. Wild. I wonder who and how someone ever figured this out?

I emailed Alison to ask her if she recommended blocking this scarf, and she indicated that it was basically personal preference, but probably not necessary.

The only other problem with this yarn is that because it is dark, it attracts and shows every freakin' white cat hair that gets anywhere near it, (yeah, that's the yarn's fault), and let me tell you, there are millions of them coating every surface in my house. I may have better luck knitting this next week while on cat-hair-free airplanes and in a cat-hair-free hotel room.

So I really need to set this aside this week, stop procrastinating and face up to the scary circular needles and chemo cap I've been avoiding.

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