Sunday, October 02, 2005

Plymouth 'Sinsation' felted chenille skinny scarf

I went to the beach this August with my brother & his family, (thanks, Pat & Jenny!), and found this yarn at the local yarn store down there called "Knitting Addiction". It knits up like any chenille, I guess, in that the stitches tend to swim across the item rather than line up nicely, an attribute called "worming" according to the pattern written by the LYS owner for this scarf. HOWEVER, because this yarn is 70% rayon with a 30% wool core, it is great for "felting", and so, according to the pattern instructions, I machine-washed and machine-dried it, and it shrunk up a bit and straightened out the stitches and made this lovely, silky fabric. I used size 11 needles (the ones I pulled out of the turquoise Lion brand chenille scarf) and cast on 15 stitches, knitting all rows. It took three balls of this yarn, which only comes with about 35 yards to the ball. After washing/drying, the scarf is about 3 inches wide and 4 feet long, which is fine for a skinny scarf, but now I want to make another one, but bigger!

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