Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oh yeah...

...I almost forgot about the other novelty yarns in my stash for which I have great intentions.

First is this, which I bought at "Lettuce Knit", but which can be found at almost any LYS or anywhere on the web. It is Plymouth's Eros #4796 -- a lovely "railroad"/"ladder" yarn with shades of blue, green, purple and turqouise. I've seen this knitted up tightly (size 8's) but have also seen recommendations for knitting it on size 15's, or stranded along with another ball of either itself or some other yarn which could be a more conservative yarn, or a wilder one like an eyelash. No finalized plan yet for this, but it will probably end up being knit by itself as a skinny scarf. I may end up doing a couple of gauge swatches to see if I like it on the smaller vs. larger needles.

Another of my novelty yarns in my favorite blue/green color scheme is
Plymouth's 'Combolo' #1044, which is really three yarns stranded together into a lovely combination of textures and colors. I could see this being carried along with a solid navy yarn like Plymouth's 'Sinsation' #3320, but not felted like my previous version. I do have one ball of the navy Sinsation left, which isn't enough. So, decisions as to what to do with this yarn will be postponed indefinitely until I have time to knit something for myself again! I bought this at "Knitting Addiction" in Southern Shores, NC, while on vacation, but it can also be found at various yarn sellers on the internet.

Also purchased at "Knitting Addiction" is this Adriafil 'frou.frou' #42, which has great potential to become something fun, perhaps carried along with a solid-colored something...? I've discovered that I'm not very creative when it comes to design and color combinations - I need suggestions from others, but that's fine. Makes for fun interactions with other knitters.

Speaking of interacting with other knitters, one of these days I'd like to join a "stitch-n-bitch" group, but those typically meet on weeknights when I'm often out of town. Here's hoping someone will start one locally that meets on the weekend....

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