Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Latest Score (or, Say goodbye to ROYGBV?)

This addict found a dealer in town and scored another hit of yarn:
It is Kertzer's "Sari", which is NOT silk, as one might surmise, but is made of 100% nylon. Started a scarf with it (16 stitches on size 11 needles) last night and it knits up pretty nice. I got two balls of color # 80, which is "Rainbow", so am hoping that, if I don't finish the ROYGBV scarf by the time I need to give it to my sister, I can give her this one, instead.

I'm wondering if 16 stitches is wide enough, though. I'll do a few more rows and decide if maybe I need to bump it up to 20....

I'm glad to have something to do on the planes and in the airports tomorrow. I can only hope that I don't run into any travel weenies like the ones the Yarn Harlot faced the other day....

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