Friday, October 28, 2005

Knitting Fiction

I finished reading this on the plane last week:

and I found it to be fun reading. Certainly not Pulitzer-prize material, but fun to imagine the main character's cottage and the yarn store across the street and her first projects as she discovers the wonders of knitting. Fun escapist reading for fiber lovers. And I was especially glad I had it with me when I was crammed into a tiny plane seat next to someone who would have surely objected if I were constantly bumping them with my elbow as I knit -- a good entertainment alternative when knitting isn't an option. Maggie Sefton has another one coming out in December, and a third one next June.

I read this:

a few months ago - found it half-off at a bookstore in the Palm Springs airport and read it on the long plane rides home. I read this before I'd even learned to knit, and although I still enjoyed the knitting and knitting store aspect of the story because I had the urge to learn, I found the characters fairly one-dimensional and the plot quite formulaic and Harlequin-romance-esque. Perfect for mindless beach reading, if one needs that. I guess Debbie Macomber believes in quantity over quality, (she's quite prolific), but I'll still gladly read her next one when I get my hands on it, because (a) mindless reading is under-rated, and (b) hello! -- it's about knitting!

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