Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ahhh... at last... The Autumn Rush scarf

Finally, finally, finally I think I've found a yarn that will make a suitably gift-able autumn-colored scarf for my sister-in-law Mary's birthday.

It is:

Which knits up like this:

(how appropriate to pose it with actual autumn leaves)

Here's a close-up, although the colors are truer in the previous image:

I love the random self-striping.

You'd think I had stock in On Line's Linie yarns, but it's just coincidence, I swear! I guess since they make a lot of novelty yarns, and I'm currently drawn to those types of yarns, it just makes sense that I'd end up buying a lot of their yarn.

As per usual, since I didn't figure out gauge before I start knitting, (come on - it's a scarf!), I ran out of the yarn after two balls, and the scarf clearly needs two more, at least. And of course, the LYS (Lettuce Knit) where I purchased it was all out of that particular color. I almost offered to buy the knitted sample they had in that color, but figured they'd turn me down anyway. I found more at WEBS, however, and it's already in the mail, so I should get it sometime next week. WEBS looks like a great store - maybe I'll be lucky enough to find myself in Massachusetts some day so I can go visit their huge shop/warehouse.

So, this scarf is on temporary hold until the new yarn arrives. Which gives me a chance to finish up the Linie Spot turquoise scarf (wide version). I'm almost done with that, so will just need to weave in the ends and add some fringe. It can wait, too, because it's going to be a Christmas gift. I really need to work on what is most pressing, which is a gift for my sister which is due in about three weeks. See next post (ROYGBV scarf) for discussion of that one....

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