Sunday, October 30, 2005

You knew I couldn't stay away....

I had the urge to post again today, so here I am. This will make up for the next few days of no-posting as I'm on the road again this week. (Depends on how busy they keep me, though. If I'm bored, I may be updating the blog twice-a-day all week. I'm guessing I won't be bored, though. But I digress...).

So, anyway, about a month ago I get an email out of the blue from my college sophomore year roommate who had found my email address on our alumni website. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years when I was working at the hospital where she was attending medical school, so it was a nice surprise to hear from her again. We then proceeded to email back and forth to catch up on each others' lives. She told me she's now an OB/GYN at an academic medical center. I told her I was doing consulting work, and that my current project was in Augusta, GA. She wrote back, "I live in Augusta, GA, and I work at MCG". I wrote back, "I'm consulting for MCG!". Well, it was destiny, I guess. It appears we were meant to reconnect after all this time. And so, we've gone out to dinner a few times in the last month, and it's been kinda nice to talk to someone who knew me way back then. We've both come a long way, baby - she, more than me. Husband, two kids, big house, big job. Me: no husband, two furry kids, small house, small job. I'm not jealous, though - really!

This all has made me think that I would like to knit her this someday:

once I'm finished with all of my holiday and birthday knitting (ha!). I figure she can display it in her office for all her patients and residents to see. She can use it as an instruction tool! ;-)

I suppose it could be worse. At least I don't have ambitions to knit the likes of this.

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