Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another option for an Autumn scarf?

After the butt-ugly Gedifra scarf fiasco, I went in search of other options for an autumn-colored scarf. Bought this yarn sort of on impulse (duh -- when do I not buy stuff on impulse?), because it is a self-striping eyelash yarn, which is sorta cool:

Upon further rumination, I decided that it, too, was just not right. It might look cool carried along with this yarn:

to make a Halloween scarf, except that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and don't plan on wasting time, energy and money on a knitted item to honor that so-called holiday.

This is a black Fun Fur by Lion. I originally bought it to make a skinny fun fur scarf like the one I'd seen a coworker wear last year and had admired. I know, I know -- fun fur is man-made, tacky and oh-so beourgious for any serious knitter who should devote themselves monogamously to natural fibers. Well, I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure, and since I'm a novice knitter, I'm going to wear that classification like a badge and milk it for all its worth so I can have fun with the novelty yarns, until I get bored with them and want to advance to the classier yarns. So far, I'm not bored. Anyway, my friend wore her black fun-fur scarf with a black blazer over a black dress - she looked very chic, and the scarf just made it appear that her blazer had fur trim. I liked it. I'm going to copy it.

Alas, since gift-knitting takes priority, I won't get to knit my black fun-fur for several months. By then it'll actually be cold enough to wear scarves!

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