Saturday, October 01, 2005


Welcome to the very first post on my newest blog, dedicated to my newest hobby (obsession) - knitting. I just learned to knit in July of this year, when I received a "how to knit" kit from my sister-in-law (Jenny) for my 40th birthday. She also gave me my very first knitting lesson as an adult, and that was all she wrote. I've hit the ground running, no looking back -- Jenny has created a monster! I've started this blog in an attempt to keep track of my little projects and my (little) progress. So far I've only knitted scarves, but hope to progress to more complicated works as time allows. But I must say I'm totally hooked.

My grandmother was heavy into needlecrafts - crocheting, tatting, quilting, etc., and she may have even knitted, but I'm not sure. I do remember her trying to teach me to crochet time and time again and the most I could ever do was one long chain. She must have also tried to teach me knitting, because it just came so naturally after my first lesson as an adult, like I'd seen it or done it before. Perhaps it's just in the genes. If so, then, thanks Grandma!

Anyway, I'm still a novice, but an obsessed one, and have been reading and watching and trying to learn as much as I can. Not sure if/when I'll feel confident enough to knit an actual garment, but I'm happy just knitting scarves if that's all I ever amount to! I do see myself advancing, at some point to other small, portable types of projects like hats, felted purses and socks. I'll need a class for those, I think, so in the meantime, it's scarves, scarves, scarves! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

Stay tuned for pictures of my recent projects!

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