Sunday, October 09, 2005


... is a really fun novelty yarn which I purchased locally at "Lettuce Knit", but which can also be purchased from the Knitting Zone website. It looks like this:

and knits up like this:

Close-up of knitting:

But there are problems with my work, which is why I'll be ripping it out and starting over.

Problem #1 -- I knitted it on size 10 needles, which makes it knit up nice and tight, but the loops are too small for the puff balls, so every stitch is a struggle to get the puff balls through it. My next attempt will be on at least size 15's.

Problem #2 -- I somehow dropped not one, but two stitches which have laddered down so far that it's not worth trying to salvage the work - yet another argument for "frogging", (which I've learned is the popular term for ripping out your knitting).

Problem #3 - I had tension issues, apparently, because the bottom three inch section of the scarf is about twice as wide as the rest of it, as is plainly evident in the close-up photo, above.

So, let's just consider what I've done so far with this yarn as a reallllly long practice swatch. ;-) That's one thing I do love about knitting -- even though you have to re-do your work when you make mistakes, all you lose is the knitting itself -- it doesn't destroy your yarn or force you to buy more. Other crafts aren't quite as recyclable, I don't think.....

Anyway, there was a sample scarf of a different color of this yarn on display at "Lettuce Knit", and they had it carried alongside a very fuzzy mohair-looking yarn, which was very cool. Perhaps I'll do that in my second attempt. It will, however, require me to make another trek to the yarn store and buy more yarn, (come on, twist my arm!). I can hardly wait!

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