Sunday, October 02, 2005

First attempt at chenille

Once I felt confident with knitting and purling with the practice yarn, I moved on to this Lion brand chenille yarn for a scarf in stockinette stitch. The book didn't tell me this, and I have since learned -- stockinette stitch causes the fabric to curl up at the sides -- me no likey! Also, if you look closely -- what is that? A few holes? Shocking, I know, in a beginner's first work! And are those active stitches on the other end, not being held by anything except thin air??? Yup. I pulled out the size 11 aluminum needles because I wanted to use them for something else. I will most likely rip this thing completely out. I have since found some much nicer chenilles, so I may never do anything with this yarn, of which I have four skeins! Maybe Ben Franklin Crafts will take it back and give me a refund? Maybe I'll sell the other three, unused skeins of yarn on ebay? Posted by Picasa

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