Friday, May 19, 2006

Are you LOST?

I admit it. I'm a TV junkie. I'm single, I live alone - hey, it's my one vice. (HA! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I can't even type that with a straight face!) Okay, so I have lots of vices. But right now we're talking about TV, my square friend and roommate who keeps me company, entertains me and lulls me to sleep every night.

So I've been enjoying all the series and season finales this past week -- West Wing, (*sniff* -- bye Jed!), Will & Grace, (*sniff, sniff*, bye gang!), Grey's Anatomy, (who will she pick?) and E.R. (will they live?)... All quite good.

And now I'm chomping at the bit for next Wednesday's LOST season finale. I was hooked on that show from the very first episode, and if you've never seen the show -- run, don't walk to Blockbuster and rent Season 1. And then tell me about all the extra goodies on DVD that they don't show us in primetime.

The plot of Lost is quite mysterious, leaving lots of questions unanswered for many episodes, revealing answers just a tiny bit at a time, in the midst of yet more mystery. To add to the fun, ABC just recently started airing during each episode a spoof commercial for The Hanso Foundation, a faux organization tied to the Lost plot. Every week the commercial is slightly different, giving a toll-free phone number and a different website URL to visit, which reveals secret hidden clues to unlock more mysteries on the Hanso Foundation website. Apparently this is all part of an alternate-reality game, and there are tons of fan sites and forums and blogs all trading clues and speculating about various plot points. The best blog I've found so far is Lost Experience, and especially their "The Game So Far" page, which gives a blow-by-blow of all the clues revealed thus far. [Update: another great blog is The Lost Experience Clues.] (I find these quite helpful as I'm not that bright patient enough to find the clues all on my own). After next week, it's going to be long, hot summer waiting for the new episodes to air.

In (old) knitting news, I'm late to blog this, but here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday's Knit Night:

The busy hands of Isobel, Jane and Patsy.

These ladies all have mad knitting skillz -- they're all lightning fast, and Patsy doesn't even have to look when she knits! And, hey - nice clap, Jane!


How fun to see Jane's "Creatures of the Reef" shawl progress. Check it out on her blog.

And here's a picture of my latest progress on the Heart scarf:

Decidedly less wonky-looking, now that I've completed more pattern repeats

That picture was taken at a local car dealership as I was waiting while my car was getting inspected (finally), the oil changed, and a few things replaced. I ended up having to rip back an entire pattern repeat after making a mistake and forgetting a yarn-over somewhere - probably on row 1, which has the most. I blame the mistake on the service guy who showed up from lunch a half-hour after I'd arrived. Why schedule service when you go to lunch, people????!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. My time is unimportant, apparently. So, while I was fuming over that, I apparently overlooked an increase. Or maybe I made the mistake when one of the mechanics walked by and asked if I was knitting it for my grandchild. My GRANDCHILD???? For the love of God, how old do I look these days??? Do I really look like someone's grandmother??? Needless to say my reply to him was a tad chilly. However, I warmed up slightly after he told me how when he was a kid in Morocco his mother had to knit sweaters for food rations during the war. Reminded me of my Grandmére.

Anyway, I fixed my mistake, so all is well. Three or four more repeats left for this side, and then I start the other side and finish it by grafting the two sides together via kitchener's stitch. Over and over I've watched the episode of Knitty Gritty where Jenna Adorno demonstrates that technique, and I've really wanted to try it. I'm actually looking forward to it!

Today I had a lovely lunch with Suzanne, her daughter and her niece, and took a couple of pictures of Suzanne wearing her latest F.O. I'll let her post those pictures on her blog when she's ready. I really do dig that sweater. Suzanne definitely has some mad knitting skillz... ;-)

A full day tomorrow. Putting in my mom's flower bed in the morning, (a week late -- was going to do it on Mother's Day but the thunderstorms prevented that). Then a new friend Stephanie is having an Open Garden at her house in the early afternoon. Later it's my nephew's t-ball game, dinner at my brother's house and babysitting their kids tomorrow night while brother and SIL go see a movie. All in all, should be a really nice Saturday. Here's hoping I remember to bring the camera and take a few pictures.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Syd said...

Hi Mary,

I always enjoy reading your blog. There are times that I want to blog more, but can't think of anything "interesting" to say. You always seem to. Thanks for adding a bit of sunshine to my day with your blog!

As you are to 'Lost', I am to '24'. It's getting a little boring near the end, but I'm hoping for a powerhouse finish for the 2-hr finale on Monday night. My other favorite was 'Alias', which alas, is no more.

By the way... the scarf is looking great! Let me know how that kitchener stitch works out for you. I may need you to teach me!

Bess said...

I love your blog too, miss mary - and always love it when you write a LOT.

When it comes to the kitchener stitch, keep the instructions right there in front of you and just do it exactly as the they say. It took me 2 years to be able to do it without the instructions beside me. But I always told myself - in days gone by every woman used to have to KS her socks together at the toe - so I can do it too. And so can you.

Robin said...

TV--That's the best thing for knitting!

Krista said...

When I learned Kitchener, my instructor's advice was to start only if you have absolutely no interruptions. If there is a phone call, ignore it, if your house is on fire, check on it after your're done. And she's right. It's very easy to get lost! But then it becomes very rythmic when you get it down.

How will we all survive without Lost all summer? Nothing compares.