Thursday, May 11, 2006

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2006 - Part 2



Welcome back to the second installment of the MS&WF report. I'm still only up to midday Saturday of that weekend. So much to share!

Before I dive into pictures from the blogger meetup, I must share some from my favorite eye-tantalizing booth, Tess' Designer Yarns. Look at these colors:

Minty-green (a bit washed out in bright sunlight)


aquas and teals

turquoises, navy and purples


*** reds!

I didn't capture them all, but all the colors were stunning -- even the silvery-grays, browns and blacks. And the fibers were incredible as well -- silk, cashmere, angora, alpaca, merino, nylon ribbon, etc. I went through their booth at least three times that weekend to ogle and fondle, but managed to get out with just one small ball of raw silk and their fish belt pattern. I figured when I finally had the nerve to buy from them in larger quantities, I could hit their website.

Okay, moving on.

What are these people taking pictures of?

Say cheese!

Why, it's a bevy of bloggers!


Can you find yourself in the following pictures?

My apologies for cutting off anyone's head or capturing an unflattering shot of anyone's behind!


Okay, now a few shots of bloggers I know or recognize:

Hi fellow Richmond knit-bloggers! That's (L-R) Melanie, Suzanne, Mira, Beth and Maggie.


The lovely Cara, our illustrious meet-up organizer, showing her shawl

And last but not least, the Richmond knit-bloggers get to rub elbows with greatness -- hi Wendy!

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!... ;-)

(Edit: you can also see other pictures of us here and here.)***

What fun that was! Next year I will know to bring sunscreen -- got an attractive burn on my forehead, nose and arms.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the (I hope) final installment -- pictures from Sunday's wanderings and the loot!



Calling Kahlo said...

Thanks for all the beautiful shots of the yarn and goodies. I wonder how the fried twinkies taste?

jane said...

I love looking at your pictures and hearing about what you saw and did...I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!! Jane

Suzanne said...

You made us look GOOD! and really captured the sense of the whole herd of us. Amazing.

I am still basking in the glow of the weekend....when I look at your pictures.