Thursday, September 07, 2006

Color Genius


Five or more years ago, long before I knew what's what about anything knitting-related, I was in a Tuesday Morning looking through their discounted books for an undiscovered gardening gem, and instead found this:

Welcome Home by Kaffe Fassett

Not knowing a thing about painting, weaving, knitting, quilting, needlepoint, and the seemingly dozens of other crafts in which the man excels, I was still inspired by his genius for combining colors, and bought the book. It's sat on my coffee table over the years, and on occasion I flip through it, always a little happier after seeing eye-candy like this:

Today, I still have no experience with most of the crafts in Fassett's repertoire, save for an amateurish, advanced-beginner knowledge of knitting, but I still admire his color genius. More of his designs can be admired on his website. SpunMagazine recently had an article about him, and there's even a Kaffe Fassett knit-along for those brave and/or skilled enough to try one of his patterns.

Maybe that brave or skilled person will be me one day. Next weekend I'm taking a Continental Knitting class as well as an Intarsia class, both taught by knitting & crochet guru Nancie Wiseman. It's a start, at least.

And in November, Kaffe Fassett is coming to Stitches East in Baltimore. I've not yet signed up for that event and may be too late to the party, as his lecture may already be full. I've not even decided yet whether I'm going to Stitches East, but if I do, I sure hope I can sit in on his class. It's not often one gets to rub elbows with genius. My only hope is that some might rub off on me...?


Sangeeta said...

Just beautiful...I am a dolt when it comes to color but it helped me to take Cate's one day color workshop at TYL..she kind of broke it all down in baby steps...and it was fun. I still consult her when it comes to color stuff, though.

Susan Rector and I are taking the class on Intarsia, too. We'll see you there.

Is there still availability at Stitches East?

jane said...

You should read some of my Kaffe Fasset knitting's his wisdom and common sense knitting tips that I love as much as his designs! Jane

Bess said...

Of course you'll blossom, like the colors in your garden - and you will transfer those beauties into gorgeous knitted things. I'm so glad you're going to take the Nancie Wiseman classes - everyone I know who's studied under her has been thrilled and you will really enjoy having two ways to knit. YOu'll grow in confidence.

There is a wonderful video put out by Jinny Beyer - a fantastic color theorist/quilter/former knitter. Your library may have a copy of it - I know my library does


And read the Pantone color book - I really do know your library will have that. It's fantasticly interesting.

La - I could just go on and on about the fun of color. I do a color lecture now and then - but I've just borrowed from other's research. thanks for reminding me how much fun the subject is.

Isobel said...

I have several quiting books by Kaffe including the one you mention. He designs beautiful fabrics. Sheddy & I have used loads of them over the years for quilts. I'll bring a couple of his books next week if you like.
I love his stuff. My sister was luck enough to meet him once. I hate her!!!

knitfriendly said...

He does have amazing patterns. I signed up for two classes at Stitches East (Fair Isle and Superb Seams) and they were full after the second day! The Kaffe class had an extra fee and seemed to be full after the first day of sign-ups. I guess he is one popular guy! I will be there on Friday and Saturday and I am pretty sure that Jane is going. If you go, we should all meet up for lunch or something!

LaurieM said...

Lucky you! I'm sure you'll learn a ton.

I think it's easier to learn when you're not experienced because you aren't set in your ways. Would you believe, I've yet to take a knitting class? My mom used to teach me to knit and since then, I've always taught myself what I needed to know from books. I'm afraid to spend money on a class that doesn't teach me anything. I'd be kicking myself for not spending it on yarn.

I don't think I'd feel that way if Kaffe was teaching.