Monday, September 04, 2006

What Not to Knit

If you're like me, you've been mourning the demise of "You Knit WHAT???", that fantasticly snarky knitting blog that dared to skewer bizarre and/or badly-designed items that seem to be ever-prevalent in the world of knitwear. I got many a chuckle, giggle, laugh and out-and-out guffaw from that website.

But now, thank goodness, the baton has been passed and the reigns have been taken up by those lovely ladies at What Not to Crochet. They've started a new blog called What Not to Knit, and one of the more outrageous items they've posted thus far was knit by the same person who knits and sells the likes of these on ebay:

The stuff nightmares are made of....

Isn't that a travesty? Mohair should be used for good, not for evil! And if the hood alone doesn't scare you, how about an entire mohair catsuit? Or a dress?


[Update: seems there's more than one group willing to take up the cause of knitted fug. Check out a new incarnation of You Knit What here. And here. And also here. And here, too. And more crocheted fug here.]


What TO Knit:

Richmond's own talented Melanie Berney has designed these fabulous Snowflake Socks that are in this month's current issue of MagKnits:

Beautiful lacework, Melanie! :-)

Such a contrast, isn't it?! Now, run right over and get the pattern! And hopefully, these lovely socks will help rid your mind completely of the aforementioned mohair monstrosities!


LaurieM said...

I remember seeing the mohair pants on "You Knit What?" I think the seller is into some sort of kinky fetish. Sort of a bondage, fuzzy thing.

I watch too much CSI.

Robin said...

I LUV Melanie's pattern..on the 'to do' list!

It's very scary "what people will knit"---knit wear goes the way of fashion designers...things you see on the runway you wouldn't be caught dead in!
I wonder if there are any burglars out there who knit?

Sangeeta said...

do you know melanie? has she been to TNK?

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Scary, very, very scary.

Bess said...

Cocoon. That's my first thought on seeing that dress. But you could have a mohair dress that wasn't ridiculous.

How about this one - especially the knitting needle hair ornaments.

Sangeeta said...

I think mohair is so scratchy..that picture is giving me the itchies.