Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tuesdays are for TNK!

Okay, is it me, or do others in my knitting group wait excitedly all week for the fun of Tuesday evenings? (Or, did I just reveal what a pathetic geek I truly am?) It's been said before, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, I'll say it again here -- I love my knitting group!

This past Tuesday night, Jane was kind enough to model the progress on her way-cool Trinardi sweater:

as well as her beautiful new hair-do. (Do people still say "hair-do"?) I teased her that wearing the unfinished sweater made her look like a homeless person. Hope she knows I meant that in the nicest possible way!... ;-)

We had a big crowd again, which is great -- always fun. I always love to see what everyone is knitting -- so inspiring! Of course, was I inspired enough, (or sharp enough?), to take pictures of what other people were knitting? Um.... no. (Sorry everyone - lame photographer here!) But have no fear - Jane walked around and took WIP pictures, so perhaps she'll blog about those in the near future! :-)

Here's a look at the crowd:

(L-R): Patsy, Nancy, Sheddy, Renny, Jo, Robin C., Issy
***(L-R): Jo, Robin C., Trish, Norma, Issy, Sherry & back of Deb's head (sorry Deb!)

Way over yonder (L-R): Katie, Sherry & back of Mary Jane (sorry Mary Jane!)

At my table (L-R): Kathy, Jane and Joanna

Again, at my table (L-R): Joanna, Tammi and Christina
Uninspired by my umpteen other UFO's, while there I decided to cast-on for a new project - the Voodoo wristwarmers from Knitty, using the Rowan Tapestry I purchased in August from the Yarn Lounge. So far I've only knit a couple of inches, so there won't be a progress shot today -- perhaps in the near future.

Tomorrow, I hope to have photos to share of a couple of other finished objects, so stay tuned!

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