Sunday, August 13, 2006

Knitters Gone Wild

The plans for yesterday's TNK Yarn Crawl started out innocently enough. Earlier in the week, Issy posted a message on our Yahoo Group telling us about a sale at one of our six area yarn shops, Lettuce Knit. I replied with, "Hey, anyone want to meet me there and then go to lunch before or afterwards?". Someone else reminded us about Got Yarn's store closing sale. Another knitter mentioned that The Knitting Basket was also having a sale. And finally, we heard that The Yarn Lounge was selling select items at 50% off. People then started to get silly and suggest things like extending the yarn crawl to Williamsburg, D.C. or North Carolina while wearing "Knitters Gone Wild" t-shirts. What started off as a simple Saturday outing with one LYS and a couple of knitters, quickly spiraled out of control became a full day of yarn shopping with six knitters at four yarn shops!

First stop was Got Yarn, where not only is their entire inventory of merchandise (yarn, books, needles, samples, etc.), on sale for 25-50% off, but many of the store fixtures are being sold as well. I was sorely tempted by these two mannekins which were going for dirt cheap:

But I just couldn't justify the purchase, as I have absolutely no space for them. And before I left the store, someone else had snatched them up. They went to a good home, though -- to a woman who is a photographer and can make good use of them.

Here's a group of us, including store owner Danna holding perky little (miniature collie?) Tootsie:

I was also sorely tempted by their very robust selection of Koigu, and although they had some gorgeous colors, nothing dazzled me, so I resisted those, as well. I ended up leaving without any yarn, but did come away with this handy little shelf:

which may end up becoming a home for my growing collection of knitting books, that is, if they'll even fit in there.

Next stop was Lettuce Knit, which was ridiculously crowded and busy. Here's Robin H. snagging some Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in Cactus:

while the rest of us waited outside, away from the crowd, after we were done shopping:

Robin C., Sherry, Issy & Jane with their tell-tale green LK bags

There was nothing in Lettuce Knit I couldn't live without, so for the second time that day I left a yarn shop empty-handed but full-walleted.

We made a quick stop at the adjacent shoe store that sells fake Crocs, (aka "Gators"), and Jane picked up a pair in pink to match the ones I was wearing, so she can be just like me... ;-) ... (Teasin' ya, Jane! Don't you just love those comfortable shoes?)

And while we're on the subject of footwear, check out Jane 's recently knitted flip-flop socks:

Aren't they cute? Don't they go well with her flip-flops?

Next stop was a yummy lunch in the same shopping center, at Frank's Pizzeria:

Only one of this wild crew, who shall remain nameless, (Issy), drank alcohol... ;-)

Next stop, The Yarn Lounge, where first, we must give tribute to the lovely Saturday Sky over Carytown:

Is this really August in Richmond, VA? Gorgeous!


It didn't take long for the gang to dig into the 50% off sidewalk sale:

Notice how Robin C. is really getting into the spirit of Knitters Gone Wild?

Inside the shop, I finally got to meet Cate, who was knitting on her toe-up Wildfoot socks:

Hi Cate!

It was on Cate's blog that I first saw a swatch made from Rowan Tapestry. Which of course made me determined to own it! And so, my one and only yarn purchase of the day was also my very first Rowan purchase ever.

Rowan Tapestry in 171 Rainbow

Isn't that yarn stunning? Check out the gauntlets Cate knit with a different colorway. I'm thinking my Tapestry will also become something for the hands, although I haven't yet decided on a pattern. Will soon be perusing Knitty for inspiration.

After we left The Yarn Lounge, Jane & Issy went across the street to Glass & Powder who had Reefs for 50% off, while the rest of us stayed on task and proceeded to the next stop on the yarn crawl, which was The Knitting Basket.

Something that no other LYS is currently selling, and for the knitter who has everything, you can now knit in the dark:

Knit Lites - lighted knitting needles

And who knew that someone in Richmond sells Claudia's HandPaint? Certainly not I! But now I know where I can find it locally!

Hooray for gorgeous handpainted yarn!

But for the third time that day, I left a yarn shop without any yarn. I'm so proud of myself! It's not that I have any kind of saintly restraint - it's more that I am constantly visualizing my ridiculously cluttered house and am constantly given pause whenever I consider bringing one more object into it.

I'm still pretty proud that I came home with just two balls of yarn and a shelf. Oh, and I almost forgot -- a great book from Jane as a birthday gift. Check this out:

Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle

Jane will make a chart reader and shawl knitter out of me yet! Thanks, Jane! :-)

After that fun day with my knitting peeps, I came home and settled on the couch to knit some more on my dishcloth. Laurie asked to see the back of it, so here is the front and back comparison:



Cool, huh? I never would have guessed how different the back would look from the front. And I'm still amazed by that magical slip stitch.

Well, I must end this lengthy post, as, once again I have a train to catch on a Sunday afternoon. My last week in Maryland, for awhile, I hope. I also hope we get to spend a little more time at that LYS tomorrow afternoon, if we finish up on time. (That'll make five yarn stores in one week - a record?)

One final note, in the category of my Alzheimers is flaring up again: I somehow got my dates wrong for my vacation. For the last two months I thought I was going to the beach that last week in August, but last night I had a gut-wrenching realization that I'm supposed to go down there on the 19th and not the 26th! Yikes! And now I'm not even sure if I can go at all. We'll see what happens - I need to do a little negotiating about work. I only mention this because I had told the other TNK knitters that I'd finally be at knit night again on Tuesday, August 22nd, but that date may be pushed back a week. If anyone cares, I'll send an update when I know more.

Have a great week, everyone!


LaurieM said...

Thanks for the back shot! It makes sense to me, and I can see how this texture would make a good dish cloth. Very scrubby.

BTW- Nice yarn crawl. Sounds like you had a great day!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I need to go yarn crawling with you all when I'm down in VA!

Issy said...

We had a wonderful day! Jane & I regret not going to the Knitting Basket. Maybe one afternoon this week. See you soon.

Sangeeta said...

i can't believe your restraint!!!

Liz R. said...

What a fun day! I think I was at Lettuce Knit at the same time as y'all were. What time were you there? I think I got there around 1pm (I had a grey "stuff on my Cat" tee shirt on and pink running pants.

I didn't show the restraint that you did there though!! Check out my blog for the details!

Robin said...

I'm SO envious! Wish I had been there with you guys!
I know you had a great time! And I love the idea of "Knitters-Gone-Wild"!

Calling Kahlo said...

That day sounds wonderful. And six shops? Wow! Man, I want to go and visit.

Krista said...

I would have spent so much money at all those sales! Great show of restraint! Sounds like fun. Call me next time and I'll join you all!

Liz R. said...

Sorry Mary, I was wrong about the Fleece was Shetland Fleece instead! I was still in a yarn fog from shopping!!

Have a good week!


Courtney said...

richmond knittins stores...sigh...there is only one yarn store in san antonio. it's a good one, but still, it's the only one. i saw that rowan tapestry the other day and i've been thinking about it ever since. they definitely did not have that claudia's handpainted at the knitting basket last spring. that's new, and very exciting. if i were still in town, i'd be rushing over there right now.

Ranger Susie said...

Oh I love Tootsie! She followed me around the store when I was there last and made me play "Steal the Squeakie". I think she's a sheltie.

Got Yarn's not closing are they?! Or do they just want to get rid of stray manniquins?