Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trains, Cats & Knitting

Photos of various aspects of my past week:

1) Trains

All Aboard!
(at BWI Amtrak station)

While stopped in D.C. I saw this:

Acela Express Train - these babies FLY by and always scare the pants off of me!

Little known fact (at least unknown to me) -- from D.C. to points south, train engines are diesel. From D.C. to points north, engines are electric. And so, when stopping in D.C., an engine exchange must be made:

Here comes our diesel engine!

Departing D.C. -- finally got a shot of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument together

Lovely old Victorian in Ashland, VA

I'm always amazed at all the farmland that is so close to Richmond

Between D.C. & Richmond, I knit a few more repeats on my Mason-Dixon dishcloth.
Did I mention I was a slow knitter?


2) Cats

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that my house was filthy? I wasn't kidding.

A small corner of my horribly cluttered coffee table and all the stuff that has fallen on the floor thanks to the cats.
In and amongst the clutter, why, who is this? None other than Ms. Casey.

Now that's more like it -- straightened up a bit and the cats are happy.

So happy, in fact, that Casey is begging for a belly rub


3) Knitting

I finally finished the Cascade Fixation flip-flop socks I knit for my SIL Jenny, who taught me to knit, who likes pink, and who I'm going to see later today down at the beach, once I get off my behind and hit the road. She's also getting a matching pair of pink Reefs, and if you look closely, you will see that the sole of the flip flop has a bottle opener! Perfect for sippin' Coronas at sunset!

And so, with that, I bid you adieu!


Krista said...

Have a great trip Mary! I'll miss reading your posts while you are away. Get lots of knitting done!

knitfriendly said...

Have a wonderful time Mary! :)

Robin said...

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! RELAX! Hope you beach trip is a good time! Have fun! Love the flip-flop socks. They will look great with the Reefs. Also, love your kitties.

Sangeeta said...

Those flip flops are hilarious!! A bottle opener! Right in the sole! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

M said...

Ooo, vacation. I heart rest so much right now.

Oh, I think that if anyone makes "the announcement," it's probably going to be Melanie.

Anne Margaret said...

Girl! Those flip slop socks are the coolest! And the flip flop bottle openener had won my heart!!

Robin said...

Mr Ace has tagged your kitties!