Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A whole lotta work; a tiny bit o' knittin'

Still workin' in Maryland. Vendor #3 is in the midst of their demos, one more day to go. And then one more vendor to endure next week and we'll be done, Done, DONE with the demos.

Alas, there's not been another Voice experience, I'm sorry to report, and the days are a hell of a lot longer and more painful when the presenter isn't daydream-worthy. There was a guy yesterday who was very cute - definitely cuter, physically, than The Voice, but, apparently it now takes an Irish brogue to pique my interest -- corn-fed middle America doesn't seem to cut it, these days. I guess I need to find some work over on the Emerald Isle, so I can be immersed in the brogue, night and day. Although, I might not get a darn thing done, for all the daydreaming that would take place. Does BBC America air any Irish shows?

Speaking of working abroad, there's a slim chance I might get some work in Dubai in the near future, which seems scary and exciting to me, all at the same time. My biggest worry would be what to do about the house and the cats while I'm gone. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

And speaking of Ireland, I came this close to emailing The Voice on Monday -- had a very innocent, business-like email all written and addressed, just had to click the Send button. And then I thought better of it and deleted it. And for all those of you who commented previously, saying, "what have you got to lose?", I'll tell you.

The main reason is that I'd be risking my current means of income. We're prohibited from any contact with the vendors during this system selection process, as it could be seen as bestowing favor on one over the others, or as them having undue influence and perhaps gaining the upper hand and winning the multi-million dollar contract by anything other than the purest of means. If the Powers That Be discovered that there was outside communication, I'd be out on my tail in short order. And in my line of work, getting kicked off a project is a career-killer. It's a small, incestuous world I work in, where everyone knows everyone, and word gets around fast. So, no, I won't be contacting him anytime soon, if at all. But his voice is in my head as I drift off to sleep at night, and I'm satisfied with that, for now. Almost.

Tonight, after the interminable work day was over, coworker L. and I barely made it to All About Yarn in Columbia before it was too late. Darn this job, cutting into my yarn shopping time! In the ten minutes before they closed, we did get a chance to fondle some mighty fine yarns, including Claudia's HandPaint, Cherry Tree Hill, Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic, some recycled silk, and many other lovelies. Neither of us bought anything, though, but if given more time, I think we both would have talked ourselves and each other into it. We have vowed to try to get there again next Monday, hopefully earlier. L. did tell me that by comparison, Lettuce Knit in Toronto is only about one-third the size. I found that very surprising, having heard a lot about that Canadian shop, (doesn't the Harlot knit there?). Whatev.

I'm so proud of myself -- I actually finished a UFO this week. The Eros scarf, she is done. Finished it on the train on Sunday, bound off in my hotel room that night and wore it Monday morning with my blue suit. I like it! But those ladder/railroad-type yarns are a pain to knit with. With every stitch you have to make an effort to pick up both sides of the ladder. I'm definitely going back to some smooth, worsted weight yarn for the train ride home!

I will share pictures of the FO this weekend, as well as a few from this week's travels. Stay tuned!


LaurieM said...

You are a smart and mature woman, choosing work before pleasure.

And while it's true that Lettuce Knit is a small store (and that the Harlot shops and knits there) you should check out Romni Wools if you are ever in Toronto.
In this picture you get to see only one of the three rooms in the store.

Suzanne said...

BBC America shows a few irish Father Ted! they used to show Ballykissangel (Colin Farrel before he went Hollywood) but that was ages ago. You could try Cold Feet--its a series drama, but very funny. James Nesbit is in that, very funny guy, he has a northern accent (my personal favoritem but I am biased.) TIVO it or get the box set from the library, its FUNNY! The other actors are brits, but their accents are all so different from each other that you would hardly know they are from the same country.

Maybe I'll think of a few more.

jane said...

I can't believe that you're KEEPING an FO for yourself...YEA!!! I'm glad you like it and wore it instead of gifting it away. When you go back to All About Yarn they should have received their order from Lawre's Laine!!! See you Sat. with your long overdue b-day gift! Jane

knitfriendly said...

Congratulations on finishing your scarf! I can't wait to see your pics.

Would it be inappropriate to email "the voice" after the demos are over?

Robin said...

Oh you must email "the voice" even if it's a question about the demo! Maybe after business reasons are complete!!?! Keep on daydreaming...

Bess said...

Yep Yep. Wise woman. Save that complimentary e-mail for when he's no longer your vendor. There's great pleasure in just holding a voice in your imagiantion, hmm?

Sangeeta said...

How 'bout a pic of that FO?!?!