Wednesday, August 16, 2006


HELP! I can't take it anymore! I got home tonight after being out of town, and despite all my best efforts, the ants are taking over my kitchen! Even RAID doesn't keep them away anymore!

Anyone in the Richmond area have a pest control recommendation, please comment here!

I blame it all on global warming. It has nothing to do with my Martha Stewart-like housekeeping skills. [Suzanne, (who has seen my house) -- I'll pay ya a million bucks not to call my bluff here!]


Sachi said...

Something that has always worked for me.... Ants want sugar and water. So I give it to them. I'm usually lucky enough to find where they're entering the house (on the outside). I set up a little box (shade) and put a jar lid full of Karo corn syrup and a cat dish full of water. After a couple days, I don't see them anymore.

I've had to do this under the sink once because I couldn't find the trail outside but I was able to see the trail coming from under the sink. That totally worked too.

tammy said...

We're having the same problem! Usually we get the sugar ants for a few short weeks in the spring, but this year they just won't go away. We sprayed the yard on Saturday with something I found at Target (I'm sorry, I can't remember the name) and that's helped a lot. Usually Tero (Terro?) is great, but this year it seemed to just be inviting more in! We leave on vacation tomorrow and I plan to make sure every crumb is gone, then set out some ant traps on the floor, spray around the foundation of the house, and hope to heaven they're gone when we return! (Thanks for ok-ing me on your group! Hoping to get there soon!)

Isobel said...

Pestmasters 285-1191. Absolutely the best!! Fantastic people, fanatstic service. Very proffesional. We are very happy with them. Always on time & very thorough. They ask if you have pets so they use the correct chemicals.They even sweep the cobwebs away!! Call them.
So glad your commuting is over. Can't wait to see you next TNK.

Suzanne said...

Looked like a house to me!

If they are sweet eating ants try TARO. little dot of it here an there (away from the cats) and they take it back to the nest and BINGO no more ants. Its cheaper than a company.

If it is the big ants--carpenter ants maybe--you need other measures.

knitfriendly said...

Good luck with the ants!

Lisa said...

Donald uses something that he got from Southern States and it works. Another rememdy that works is Cayenne Pepper - they won't cross pepper (my grandmother's remedy). I use this around the cat food bowl. Good luck.

Sangeeta said...

Paramount. They are v. good.

I blame global warming for this too.

laurie said...

Ok, when I posted something on my website once about Chinese ant chalk, I got a bunch of folks telling me it was bad and toxic, etc.

BUT. I am here to tell you, chinese ant chalk works. IT WORKS. And the valley is practically nothing but one big ant hill. Do you have any Asian grocery stores near you? They almost all carry it, at least out here....

I'm so sorry, I hate ants and have had problems, too. And Lord knows you and I both have spotless houses, of course! ;)

Bess said...

Frances Parkinson Keyes says, in Crecent Carnival (read it for fun!) that all southern homes have ants, but Florence King, in Southern Ladies and Gentlemen (reealy read this one for a week of laughs!) says it's roaches but the editors won't let you put that word in a book.

It's just bugs. Hot soap and water often works because it removes their scent trail.

Did you know ants taste lemony .. and crunchy? .... That's a story alright!


the sweetheart said...

i used to have an ant problem had a couple mice once too, got Orkin out here and i haven't seen so much as a fly in my house for a year

Having a Knit Fitt said...

My neighborhood egroup consensus was the Terro products work best. I haven't had ants this year and not because of my housekeeping.