Friday, August 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Week One: Vendor Demo Sessions = Complete. Two more weeks to go.


And the bloom is off the rose, as far as train travel. Of course, the fact that the train was an hour late, incredibly crowded, and it was 103ºF on the unshaded platform might have influenced my feelings a bit.

Not good news.

Train station, my vantage point.

Far too close to my vantage point: trifecta -- men's room, supply closet, garbage.


Not captured by the camera:
  • Middle-aged woman with the long purple hair. (You're really too old for that, lady).
  • Hunky 30-something guy in business suit who stripped down to his form-fitting t-shirt. (Thank you, so very much, hunky guy, for that. You made my miserable day a tiny bit better.)
  • Foreign (German?) tourists in hiking clothes and back-packs. (I don't envy your American vacation just now).
The business class car was PACKED. Not a free seat to be found except next to the woman who refused to move her purse to let someone sit next to her. Those kinds of people peeve me. Of course everything peeved me yesterday, as I was cranky from little sleep and hot and irritable. The ride home seemed interminable. And there was no knitting of any kind.
I came home and slept 10 hours last night, though. And my house is cool, despite the heat. Thank you, inventor of freon. There's a special place in heaven just for you.
In other news, and at the risk of labeling myself a crazy stalker, I Googled The Voice. With one click I found out his home address and home phone number, (too much information! although it still appears he's single!), his political affiliation, and how much he donated to that political party last year. (I forgive him for his political affiliation -- everyone has flaws, right?)
One click, people. Google is a scary thing.
I plan on doing NOTHING with that information. Although I now know how to email him.
NOTHING. I swear.
Unless/until I come up with the perfect, (non-crazy, non-stalker), excuse to email him. The wheels are still turning....


Tammy said...

Mary, you are cracking me up with your "The Voice" stuff! I hope you find a good reason to contact him. Stay cool -- as I write this, the storms look to be rolling into Midlothian.

Tara said...

"I plan on doing NOTHING with that information. Although I now know how to email him.
NOTHING. I swear."

You crack me up! Find a reason to contact him. What do you have to lose? :-)

LaurieM said...

Call him up, tell him you find his voice intriguing (no need for details) and that you'd like to speak with him some more.

Honesty is the best policy!

It's bold, but it just might do the trick.

Robin said...

Knitting would have made you feel better...

"The Voice"---Do it! Do it! Do it! What do you have to lose? You know you want to hear him speak again! You'll find a reason...I know you will!

jessie said...

I think you're going to have to make a leap here, and quick. Because at the moment, you're being fun and impulsive, which is romantic. How flattered he would be to find out how desperately you wanted to make contact with him.

A few more days and a few more blog entries, however, and you might be crossing the line into Creepyville.

The sooner the better. This will be part of a great toast at your wedding. (You don't have a date yet planned, do you? Again, Creepyville.) :-)

Krista said...

Totally go for it, Mary!

knitfriendly said...

Contact him Mary! :) You have nothing to lose....perhaps he will be there next week? Dinner plans?