Thursday, December 21, 2006

Partyin' at Patsy's with my Peeps

Two nights ago, the Tuesday Night Knitters changed venues and met at Patsy's house for a lovely Christmas potluck dinner of soup, salad, dessert and fellowship.

Here's Rita, Patsy & Sherry in the heart of Patsy's home, the kitchen:

Patsy offered two of her homemade soups -- potato and chicken & rice. I, being the conscientious guest and soup-lover that I am, tried them both, and have thus decreed them both delicious. (I need her recipes!)

Here are a few of the salads people brought:


And some of the desserts:

A gracious helping of chocolate -- hooray!

This is one of the cute little nooks in Patsy's house where folks gathered to eat:

Clockwise from left: Jane, Robin C., Tammi, Jo, Susan, Christina

After eating, folks gathered in the living area to chat:

Issy (wearing her Blue Heron rayon metallic clapotis), Norma & Amy

I didn't get pictures of everyone or every activity, but here's hoping that photos taken by Robin H., Issy and Jane, and posted on others' blogs will fill in the holes.

Many thanks to Patsy for organizing and hosting this lovely event, and to everyone who came and shared their delicious food and warm companionship.

I love our knitting group!

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