Friday, December 01, 2006


Odd weather 'round these parts. Here it is, December 1st, and we've had temperatures in the mid-70's the past few days. It's too warm for my winter preference, and not very conducive to good knitting mojo. It's also fairly humid and feels a little oppressive, so that when the neighbors run their gas-powered leaf blowers for two hours, the noxious exhaust fumes don't dissipate, but instead, stink up the neighborhood for the rest of the day, and make me feel slightly queasy. Bleh.

Got some very cool daytime moon pictures yesterday, though. Here's my favorite:

I love my superzoom!

And speaking of the moon, as in Blue Moon Fiber Arts, (nice segue, huh?), here's the "Socks That Rock" yarn that I purchased as prizes for my blog contest:

Left to Right:
It was tempting to have all that yarny goodness in my possession -- I had a fleeting urge to throw it in a suitcase, buy a disguise, change my name and leave the country, never to be seen again. But I resisted that urge, and the fabulous yarn is now all in the hands of the rightful contest winners.

And speaking of contest winners, (heh! - segue #2), Amy is knitting up her Chanticleer into a very beautiful sock:

Love those stripes!

That picture was taken this past Tuesday night, at TNK. And speaking of TNK, (segue #3!), I have a few more pictures to share of our lovely evening. We had a larger crowd than last week, and it's always nice to see folks who have been absent for a week or more.

Sheddy finished two, (count 'em -- two!) socks for her husband from some Austerman Step, (the yarn with Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil):

Two! Two! Two socks, not one!

If it makes you feel any better, Sheddy, the socks are not identical, so you can still feel like you knit two unique items. I love that they match but aren't perfectly identical, (sorta like Camper Twins). Sheddy says she has enough yarn to knit a third for herself, to add to her drawer of unmatched socks. Wouldn't that be a hoot?!

Sheddy also recently joined the Yarn of the Month club and after receiving her first package, knit these swatches:

swatches of various alpaca yarns
I should have written down what yarn was used for each swatch, but I didn't. They're all fabulous, though -- it's alpaca, after all. (I've yet to meet an alpaca I didn't like!) I think my favorite swatch is the dark brown one, second from the left, which was Misti Alpaca, if I recall.

Here's Renny with a beautiful sweater she's knitting, (I already forgot the pattern name - doh!), and Issy and Amy:


Here's a view from the other end of the table:

Patsy, Christina, Rita, Robin C., Sheddy, Renny

Here's Deb, Judy, Jane, and a fourth knitter (whose name I didn't catch - shame on me!):


Mary Jane stopped by for a little while. It's always nice when she comes to knit with us because she's such a fun lady and it amazes me that anyone who owns a yarn shop would want to hang out and knit with us after working a full 8-hour day around yarn and knitters. She must really love knitting! Check out the beautiful shawl she's wearing:

One of her shop's instructors knit that for her as a surprise. I believe it's called a Butterfly Shawl, and the back of it has two points, like butterfly wings. Very lovely.

Rita sat next to me and worked on this fun scarf for a friend:

It feels good to knit some bling now and then!

And speaking of knitting, (ha! segue #4!), I think I'll end this post and do a little bit of that....



Robin said...

Great Post!!! I love the Socks that Rock...I just haven't bought any...YET!
Congratulations...on winning Shona's contest! You're really racking up!

Courtney said...

When I saw the picture of that STR, I gasped audibly, and my husband said "what's wrong?" I had to tell him that nothing was wrong and that I'd just seen a picture of some awesome yarn. STR is just so pretty!

Krista said...

The STR can make a person crazy! I begged my husband for some for my birthday and I did NOT get it. I guess it's up to me now to get my own skeins...geesh.

knitfriendly said...

Hi Mary! I just wanted to let you know that the brown swatch from the yarn of th month club is Suri Silk from Misti Alpaca. It is a combo of silk and suri alpaca. I loved this yarn so much that I bought a skein from WEBS! :)

Robin said...

Gosh, I miss everyone!! Love Mary Jane's shawl - great color for her. Love Sheddy's socks! I also like the fact that they aren't perfectly matched. Mary, your moebius is gorgeous! I sure hope you ordered some STR for yourself!!!