Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Starcroft SuperStar

A little free advertising for a lovely yarn I ran across recently.

One evening during the Knitter's Review retreat, someone was walking around with a fabulous hank of yarn that they purchased at Heavenly Socks Yarns in Belfast, Maine while on vacation. That hank was actually not sock yarn, but rather, a worsted weight superwash lambswool yarn that had all of us immediately coveting our neighbor's goods. As usual, I wasn't quick enough to take a picture of that particular hank of yarn, but I did make note of the name of the yarn and the shop that carries it.

It's Starcroft SuperStar yarn:

made at a small mill in Monroe, Maine:

They don't have a website yet, (they're supposedly getting one up in January), but are very responsive if you email them. I did that, and they replied and offered to send me a color card. I just received it today:

Here are the yarn specs:

And some close-ups of the different colors:
(Sorry that the color accuracy isn't great -- took those pictures this afternoon just as the sun was going down.)

What really impressed me and several other folks at the KR retreat looking at it, was the fabulous twist on that yarn. You can see it fairly well in the above photos, but it was even more prominent within the hank. It was also incredibly soft. The color card doesn't indicate that it's merino, but it's definitely as soft as merino. Nice stuff. I'll bet it's a dream to knit with. And it's superwash - bonus!

They offer just the eight solid colors, and you can buy it directly from the mill, via email, for $15/hank, or it seems to be on sale at Heavenly Socks right now for $11.20/hank. (Check with them about that price -- it appears that may just have been a November sale).

Hope they won't mind -- here's a photo of some of their Starcroft hanks, lifted from their website:

Indigo, Spruce, Blackraspberry, Pearl
(if I'm not mistaken)

Isn't that Blackraspberry gorgeous? If I find a perfect project for this yarn, I'll be getting some myself!

Anyway, I thought that, since this is a yarn that those of us outside of Maine would probably never see, that I'd share it here for all the world.

If anyone has knit with this yarn or decides to do so based on this post, I would love to hear about it.


Bess said...

Evil temptress.

Another possible to add to my list of January purchases.



Nikki said...

ooooo, purty! I'm in love with those colors!!

knitfriendly said...

Thanks for the link Mary!