Friday, November 24, 2006

Another quiet evening at TNK

There were only six of us at TNK this past Tuesday night. I italicized only because six is not a bad number for a knitting group. It's just smaller than what we've been spoiled by become accustomed to having. I had a feeling that the bad weather (another dismal nor'easter hit the mid-Atlantic region) and the looming Thanksgiving holiday would diminish our numbers, and that seemed to be the case. But though we were small, we were mighty.

Here's four of our six:

Renny, Amy, Christina and Patsy

Issy came for a few minutes but wasn't feeling well, so left early. We missed you, Issy -- here's hoping you're feeling better now! Joanna was there sitting across from me for a couple of hours, and I even helped her finish her boyfriend's hat, but do you think I got a picture of Joanna or her hat? As is my usual m.o., I wasn't that quick-witted. Sorry, Joanna! Maybe if I drank caffeinated coffee while we knit I wouldn't miss obvious photo ops. It is a Starbucks cafe, after all.

Anyway, here are a few F.O.'s knit by TNK'ers that I did manage to capture:

Sweater for Patsy's granddaughter

Sweater for Patsy's grandson

Hat knit by Renny from Patsy's handspun/hand-dyed yarn

I wish I'd taken a close-up of that hat, because the color gradations were just beautiful. Nice job, both of you ladies!

Christina brought some show-and-tell:

Shawl pins made by her brother-in-law in Colorado. Aren't they beautiful?

He calls them "Yarn Overs", and has this little note inside each box:

If you're interested in getting some of your own, here are his specs:

We're guessing that his main business is that bookgraphics website, and I don't think you can order the shawl pins from it. But you could email or call him and I'll bet he'd be happy to oblige. (Don't you love how I'm speaking for someone I've never met?)

Patsy had a lovely surprise for me, as well. And it's not even my birthday!

A lovely handmade project bag. So pretty!

Thank you so much, Patsy! I am so blessed every week by the wonderful and talented women in our knitting group. I am eternally grateful to Jane for starting this group and for inviting me to it. As I've said over and over, knitting has enriched my life, and this group is no small part of that. And by enriched, I hope you know that I don't mean things. The riches I've obtained are intangible and priceless -- the knitting advice, the conversations, the laughter, the comaraderie, the friendships....

Well, you know. And if you
don't know what I mean, then maybe you need to come join us on any given Tuesday night. The more the merrier!


LaurieM said...

What a great gang you've got there. And those shawl pins are lovely.

jane said...

Oh, I missed everyone, thanks for the great pictures! See you this Tuesday for sure (knock on wood!) Jane

Robin said...

Patsy's sweaters turned out really well. Love the colors and the stripes. Those shawl pins are fabulous. I don't remember Christina ever mentioning that she had such a talented brother and SIL. Wonder if one or both of them knit??

Patsy said...

Loved the pics, Mary. Glad you liked the bag as well. I'm not sure I'll be there on Tues but will see you soon

Beth said...

That bag is beautiful! Lucky Mary!!!

I also like those shawl pins - I may have to contact those folks and acquire one or two for myself.