Friday, November 10, 2006

New York, New York...'s a hell of a town!

Manhattan from my airplane window


Yankee Stadium on our way to the GW Bridge to Palisades Parkway


Here we are!


Knittin' and Spinnin' -- that's my roommate Meg in the pink shirt


Recognize anyone you know?


Bess tries on her moebius hat/bowl ... ;-)


More to follow tomorrow, (I hope)!


LaurieM said...

Awesome! Thanks for the pics. Looks like a nice bright space and a dedicated gang of knitters.

How are the chairs? A comfortable chair makes a big difference when your knitting for a while.

Suzanne said...

You are there! Hey beth!

I cannot wait to hear about the workshops. Teva Durham AND Cat Bordhi--those are some really creative thinkers! I love Tevas book (I had it on my amazon wish list 6 months before it was published) and I've seen Cat on tv--she is amazing!

Soak it all up so you can come back and tell us all about it!

Robin said...

OOOOHHH--I'm so green...with envy! Thanks for the pics...I know you are having so much fun!
But...where's Ali?? I thought for sure she'd make her way with you!

Krista said...

It makes me want to cry I'm so jealous!

rho said...

Are you half as tired as I am today - but was it not the absolute best FUN ever.