Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Musings from a Process Knitter

If one is a process knitter, (meaning: it's the experience of knitting with and handling of fabulous yarn and knitted fabric that matters as much to the knitter, if not more, than the finished product), and one hates what one is currently knitting, what is the process knitter to do? Suck it up and trudge onward to the finish line, with a finished object but perhaps a soured outlook towards knitting? Or abandon the hateful project, and move on to something one really likes and wants to knit, but burdened with quitter's guilt, a sense of failure and perhaps labeled with an attention-deficit problem?

It's a question for the ages....

I brought this on myself, of course, thinking I wouldn't mind knitting with linen yarn. Of course, it's a Christmas gift with a looming deadline, and I foolishly planned to knit two of the darned things. You'd think I'd know myself better by now.

All right. Enough whining.

Back to the ball-and-chain knitting.


Robin said...

Hang in there Mary...I know you can do it!
Remember my motto..."If at first you don't succeed...frog it and start over!" On a different pattern of course! No sense in driving yourself crazy!

LaurieM said...

Cut your knitting and guilt in half and only knit one!

Sangeeta said...

That linen feels like rope, huh? Wait until you finish it and wash's much nicer. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Do what every sane knitter does - start another project! Come back to this one tomorrow - it may feel more right. It might work for Christmas next year after all. I am finishing up two shawls that I got bored with this time last year - just in time for the holidays. I have a whole box of projects on the needles - what the heck do we have all these needles for if not to have multiple projects - or is that for our multiple personalities?
Happy Thursday

Liz R. said...

It would be a shame if it fell into the fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace an ashtray will work too!

Beth said...

If you're a process knitter, than you must frog and let the yarn tell you what it wants to be. And if the problem is the yarn, let it tell you who it wants to go live with. ::grins::

emmy said...

Don't make yourself hate what you are knitting. Put it away and go to Target. I made gifts last year and 'bout wore myself out trying to finish everything.It really took the fun out of it.This year I am knitting what I like and may or may not give it away!!

Enjoy the YARN!

TheYarnLounge said...

I'm SO a process knitter, too! It's nice to hear I'm not alone!!! :)