Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lemonade from Lemons

After all the agonizing, I ended up not going to Stitches East today, and you might think I'd be bummin' about that, but I'm really not. It was another beautiful Autumn day right here in Rivah City, and so I made my way down to Carytown to do a little shopping, and while there stopped in the Yarn Lounge, (of course!) and got my greedy little paws on some of the new sock yarn that Stewart is offering:

Austermann Step with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil in color # 21.


Y'all know that the Yarn Lounge has a blog now, right? It's a great way to keep up with all the new yarns they get in on a daily basis. When I saw their picture of that new sock yarn, I knew I'd be paying them a visit within the week, and I was so glad to see that the colorway I liked was still in stock. As of about 3:30 pm today there was still one more ball of that colorway available, in case anyone else also has their heart set on it. Coincidentally, Wendy is currently knitting socks from that exact colorway, and it was really nice to see how it knits up. I love how it stripes, and I especially love the turquoise in it. The aloe and jojoba are just a bonus. I hope to start some socks with this yarn sometime after the new year, as I'm hip-deep in holiday knitting until then.

The Yarn Lounge was a-hoppin' with activity so I didn't stay long. It was good to see all the regulars -- Stewart, Melanie, Sangeeta, Cate, and Susan. After a little more Carytown shopping and then a stop at the grocery store, I came home to find a package on my porch. It was my surprise from Robin F. for winning her blogiversary blog contest! Hooray!

Smart girl included chocolate:

How did Robin know I was severely PMS-ing today?
But (arguably) even better than chocolate were the four hanks of recycled silk yarn she also included. Robin -- did you spin that yarn yourself? It's just lovely! I wonder what it should become? I am open to suggestions. I'm not sure of the yardage -- it doesn't appear to have a label, but I'm guessing about 100 yards per hank. So, what to do with 400 yards of recycled silk -- anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Also included were these sweet stitch markers:

Robin -- did you make these, by chance? You gotta know I especially love that turquoise one!

Thank you so much, Robin, for making my day!

And thank you, Stewart, for getting in new sock yarn! :-)

Now, I have a hat to finish before my niece's birthday party tomorrow, so, later!


LaurieM said...

I've got just the thing for your Sari yarn. Check out this pattern from Maia Spins:

Robin said...

There is a pattern on Knitty for a bag...I know you are a bag-ho like me!
There's approx. 88 (+/-) yards on each skein.

and...I LOVE Step yarn, you're gonna love it too. I love the color you chose too! Your hands are so soft after knitting with it! Imagine what it does for your tooties!

Suzanne said...

Your STEP is ROCKING! I am so glad you flashed your new stash. I am up to my eyeballs in schoolwork--I was too tired to knit but for a very few minutes last night. Too tired to knit! I am sick, I know.

My last paper is turned in December 8. Life beings again after that!

Bess said...

Yes. I thought "bag" too. Or hat, or the front of a vest. But a bag is something you'll use again and again and fit doesn't matter.

I've read that recycled silk is a little heavy for a garment. I took a spinning workshop with Judith Mccuin (sp?) and she showed us how to unspin that stuff so that it's not so heavy PLUS you then have tons more yardage. If I ever pop the $ for some of that yarn I will think about unspinning it first.

Because it is sooooo gorgeous.

And if you wanted to - you could knit a few rounds of the silk into a hat just for decoration.

What options! what choices! Lucky girl!!

Krista said...

Mary, I'd love to meet you down in Richmond sometime to go on a LYS crawl! I really would love to see Carytown and the Yarn Lounge. Love the goodies you got from Robin! Sorry you didn't make it to Stitches, though.

lemmie said...

hi mary!
i love the sock yarn - i too thought about buying this from stewart :) -it's so soft!
thanks too for the rose bush advice. it's going to be scary cutting the 8' bush back but i'm sure it will help it grow. eek - i'll have to email you when i'm getting ready to do it!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Great looking sock yarn--not one I've tried before. I love the turqoise in it! Looking at the recycled sik my first thought would be a bag and maybe the trim on a hat or edging on a tank top.You could do a beanie style hat with just the rib band in the silk or a tank like "sizzle" or the silk camisole from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" in a solid silk with the straps, neck and bottom trim in the recycled silk. Isn't it awesome to have a fabulous yarn shop close to home?

TheYarnLounge said...

No problem! I'm glad we still had the colorway you wanted! And thanks for the kick in the pants to get more sock yarn. :)

Courtney said...

You are the luckiest blogiversary contest winner! I covet that sock yarn and I miss the Yarn Lounge. It was always so nice to pop in there while wandering around Carytown, especially on a beautiful day.