Monday, November 06, 2006

I Love Color...

*** Bess' "KipFee" (KnitPicks fair isle) sweater. this maple tree currently "blooming" in my yard:

...and like my new set of rainbow-colored Denise needles: is the only place you can get the rainbow versions. I already have a set of plain white Denise needles, acquired at this year's Spring Fiber Festival. I use them a lot and really love them, but recently, with so many different projects on the needles, I have found I need extra pieces. So I decided, what the heck - I'll get a whole 'nother kit. In color!

And for those fat-yarned projects that require something bigger than U.S. size 15 needles, the folks at Denise now have tips available in U.S. sizes 17 and 19. Mine should arrive in a day or so. As far as I know, Amy Finlay is not dyeing the new sizes, but I suppose it never hurts to ask.

All this talk of color. Makes me think there's a fair isle class in my future.

I sure hope so!


Robin said...

Your tree is so beautiful! Cool needles!

LaurieM said...

What will you learn at your fair isle class?

Suzanne said...

Rocking the rainbows!!! I love denise but I can see how the colors would be helpful. Of course, the color makes them fabulous as well.


traveling knitter said...

Love The colors!!!! Absolutely lovely!