Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random images of my KR Retreat weekend

I'm still processing the Knitter's Review Retreat weekend, and haven't quite been able to fully articulate the experience, either verbally, or in writing. It's times like this I wish I had certain people's gift of gab. (And anyway, Clara described it all much better than I ever could). So, for today, I will share a few more pictures from this past weekend.

(All pictures can be made larger by clicking them.)

On our way:

Lower Manhattan

Is this the one at Trump Tower?


Driving along the Palisades

Rural NY
At our destination:

Cat's Paw (?) bush

Swap room.
This is just half the loot people de-stashed.


Hand-knits for donation to the Dulaan Project.
That pile was huge by the end of the weekend.


This is where we knit in the evenings

Roommate Meg modeling her Forest Paths shawl from IK Summer '03
(Anyone have this issue that I can borrow?)


token Y-chromosomes in the building

A little spinning demonstration given by Meg:

Yes, it really was that loud in that room - possibly louder.
(Feedblitz subscribers click here to see embedded video.)

Bess' KnitPicks Fair Isle ("KipFee") sweater.
She's just zooming along on this thing!


KipFee close-up

Permanent resident at Jeronimo's
(Who is this guy?)

Permanent resident at OCC

Lance Armstrong bike

wooden chopper

At the airport:

My 8pm flight is delayed

My 8pm flight is further delayed. Sigh.

We did finally take off around 11 pm, and I got home around 1 am. Nothing like being imprisoned at a gate for five hours to have some real knitting progress!

Sangeeta left me the funniest comment on my last post: "what other classes did you take? what other stuff did you get? show more yarn!"

Well, young lady, in answer to your first question, I just took the one -- Cat Bordhi's Moebius -- class. I really enjoyed it, and am still knitting on my moebius. Like I said before, once you get the cast-on, which, after you "get" it is really quite easy, and then knit the first round, (which is not easy), it's just mindless circular knitting like anything else.

In answer to your other two questions -- patience, my dear, patience. I will show more "stuff" and "yarn" and perhaps even some "knitting" pictures, tomorrow, God-willing.


Jane said...

Great addition to the Retreat Archive, Mary! I loved the video, too (and that noise level was nowhere near maximum, was it?).

Bess said...

I have that IK issue. I'll lend it to you. I LOVE that shawl - I'm even tempted to make it too - when I can buy some lace weight yarn - in January.

hugs a bunch.

knitfriendly said...

I am so happy to hear that you had a nice time. :) Everyone desearves to go to a knitting retreat! I look forward to your yarn pics.

TGL said...

Mary, your video brought back wonderful memories! So glad someone captured the sounds of the weekend... notice how Amie's cackle is clearly audible over the rest of the jibber-jabber? It was just like being there...


Robin said...

Love the cut-outs of the chopper guys! Cat's paw bush or pussy willows?? I love pussy willows - so soft and pretty when stuck in with flowers.