Friday, January 26, 2007

Don't like the weather here?

...wait five minutes!

Thursday afternoon, I looked up from my desk and saw this:


Even though the thermometer still said this:


I got so excited, I made a dorky little video:
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And took a few pictures of our vast accumulation:


Some people were even able to build a wee snowman.

But thirty minutes later, the skies looked like this:

and all our snow had melted.

I'm still holding out hope that we get a real snowstorm before our fickle winter is over....


Bess said...

Wasn't that the prettiest little snow yesterday? I went for a walk while it was aswirl and the sun was shining!!

Robin said...

Man, you got more than we did. No accumulation down here but BOY did it blow!!! I'm with you -- my fingers are still crossed for a REAL snow!

Ranger Susie said...

I love the video! The actual "storm" was longer, but it seemed not by much!

Christina said...

Great video - now we can enjoy snow whenever we want just by replaying it. Thanks.

bethc said...

It has been a strange winter for sure!

Courtney said...

Pretty pictures. The possibility of snow is one of the things I miss now that I live in Texas. Is that your backyard? It's very nice.