Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Week's Worth of Knit Happenings

This is becoming quite the knitterly week for me.

Tuesday, I went and knit with my TNK peeps, as usual, at Barnes & Noble. And although there were several beautiful FO's displayed that evening, I took no photos whatsoever. Jane took quite a few, however, so she may post those to her blog in the near future. (I decided that it's sorta silly for both of us to blog about the same thing, so I'll probably step back a little bit on blogging about TNK, unless I'm the sole blogger in attendance that evening.)

And speaking of TNK and blogging....

Ahem. I know there are several of you TNKers who read this blog on occasion. And yet not one of you delurked the other day.... What's up with that? Why the withholding of the comment love? Was it something I said?

Seriously, though, I continue to work on my Scarf Around for the Red Scarf Project, and the clock is ticking. It should be finished and ready to mail out early next week. I will post pictures after it's all done.

Wednesday, I decided to go knit with the Richmond Knitters that meet at Panera at Willow Lawn. It was probably my last chance to say goodbye to Mira and meet her new baby Drake, before they pack up and move to San Antonio. I've been reading Mira's blog for maybe a year now, and got to meet her, along with several other Richmond knit-bloggers, last spring at Maryland Sheep & Wool. I've since gone to knit with the Wednesday night group a couple of times, although not as often as I'd like.

Anyway, I brought Mira a little sumthin-sumthin I made for baby Drake:

  • Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic 100% mercerized cotton
  • Pattern: Knitting Knonsense's Baby Feet Cloth
  • Needles: US size 8 wooden straights

Here's Mira holding baby Drake, with fellow knitter Beth looking on:

Such a cute boy!

Today, I went on a yarn trek with another local knit-blogger, Suzanne, out to Holly Spring Homespun. We live relatively near each other, and she was gracious enough to drive. (It's a 45-minute drive for us, each way, so that's no small favor.) I was restrained and bought just a few patterns, a couple hanks of Art Yarns Supermerino and a ball of that newfangled Tofutsies sock yarn, [a blend of wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin (which comes from shrimp and crab shells)]. It's incredibly soft yarn -- the softest sock yarn I've ever felt. I'm such a sucker for novelties.... Kathy threw in a free pattern that goes with the sock yarn, so I may try that one of these days....

This weekend, (Friday through Sunday), our knitting group is having a retreat at a hotel down on Buggs Island Lake in Clarksville, VA. The very organized and crafty Robin H. pulled this entire thing together, and there will be about 25 people attending. There will even be vendors! (W00t! Knitting! Yarn! Shopping! Bliss!) Should be a good time, I think. I was a little iffy on attending, worried that business travel might interfere, but that's not an issue at the moment. So, off to Clarksville I go! I will be bringing my laptop and will try to post pictures each day.

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Oh my ... that picture ... I look like I'm either falling over, asleep or drunk - Hahahaha!

It was great to see you last night at knitting and I hope you'll be able to knit with us more often.

Have fun at your retreat this weekend! I can't wait to hear/read all about it.

Jeanne said...

Officially de-lurking... it's not you, it's me! I'm a procrastinator AND I have authority issues (apparently). I have a terrible time doing things I'm "supposed" to do. Or what everyone else is doing. LOL!

Isobel said...

I love the footprint design!
See I de-lurked!

Robin said...

Have a great time this weekend! I really wish I was going!

Bess said...

Have knitting joy my dear. I can't wait to see PHOTOS! of dear Clarkesville. I remember going into a fabulous quilt shop down there lo so many years ago.

for some reason, i'm not able to pull up the comment function from your blog at home - all of a sudden. But I check in on you every day.


rho said...

I waved at you and Beth as we drove thru Richmond Wed night (I think it was Wed night - we drove straight thru from Charlotte got in at 3am.. ugh) did your ears perk up as I was telling hubby about the great knitters I met at the KR retreat :D