Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters Greet the New Year

Well, hello there. Pardon my extended absence. It really wasn't my intention to fall off the face of the earth, but apparently that's what happened. For a little over a week I've withdrawn from the knit-blogging world, where I neither read nor wrote any blog posts, nor did much of any knitting. So I now have lots of catch-up reading to do on others' blogs, and lots of catch-up posts to write for my own. Seems I went through this same withdrawal last year around the same time. Something about the holidays turns my mind and spirit in a completely different direction, mostly inward, I guess. But the holidays are over, it's a new year, and it's time to stop navel-gazing and instead look in a forwardly direction to all that lies ahead.

I have a large enough back-log of fodder for at least a week's worth of blog posts, and today's topic will be our most recent knit night, this past Tuesday.

A loyal contingent of Tuesday Night Knitters met last Tuesday, the day after Christmas, but I did not attend, since I was still wrapping and cooking for the following day's extended family-palooza. But I was able to make it to this week's gathering, the day after New Year's, and it was so good to see and sit and knit and chat with everyone! I've missed my peeps!

Here's a few pictures of our goings-on:

Remember the pink bowl that Jo was knitting a few weeks ago? She has since felted it:

Isn't it cool? I love that pink!

Tammi determined that it might also make a good Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat:

Jane suggested that if someone was feeling particularly ambitious, they could knit the entire Jackie Kennedy assassination day outfit, complete with intarsia bloodstains. (It could then perhaps be submitted to this website.) Yes, we are easily amused by sick humor.

But I digress.

On to more high-minded finished objects. Here's a beautiful scarf:

knit by Patsy with her very own handspun, hand-dyed yarn. Can't get much more handmade than that, can she, unless she raises & shears the sheep herself! Nice job, Patsy!

Issy knit a beautiful shawl from her own design:

We're encouraging Issy to write down her pattern and sell it!

And here's another item recently finished by Issy:

I forget the name of that pattern, (leave it in the comments if you know it), but Jane also recently knit it with red yarn. It's a 2x2 ribbed stole with a ruffle on each end, made with alpaca, and is just lovely.

And speaking of Jane, she dazzled us with the brilliant colors of some scarves she's been knitting. Here's a current work-in-progress, knit with Noro Kureyon, alternating colors from different balls every two rows:

(Does this pattern have a name? Again, if you know it, please leave it in the comments.) Apparently it's been all over blogland, but this is the first I've seen it. Gorgeous! Here's another, similar one she recently finished, made with Noro Silk Garden, again, alternating colors every two rows:

Isn't this stunning?
I couldn't take my eyes off of it.


Here are a few more knitting folks, (although not the entire crowd):
-There were a few new faces knitting with us Tuesday night, which is always good -- the more, the merrier! I didn't meet everyone, so here's hoping they'll come back again soon.

And if you're wondering what I was working on Tuesday evening, even though I have at least ten other projects on the needles, I cast on for something new -- Maia's "Scarf Around", (pdf file here), for the Red Scarf Project. It just so happened that I had all the appropriate yarn already in my stash, so that pattern was the logical choice. I should be able to get this finished and mailed before the end-of-January deadline. I may even have enough yarn left over to make another one, (but won't 'til next year). I'll post an in-progress or finished-object picture later, as it's not terribly exciting at this early stage.

And thus ends my report on how TNK'ers greeted the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

The 2x2 beige stole is called Ruffles and Rib Shawl by Sandy Hutcher of Pretty Ribbons. The model is knittrd in red. I purchased the pattern at The Knitting Basket. As usual, great blogging Mary! Sherri

jane said...

OH MY GOD!!!! Look at my jowls...I got them from my dear departed Aunt May!!!!! Jane

Krista said...

Happy New Year! Glad you are back. All the knits looks great.

Robin said...

YOU'RE BACK!! I've missed you! Happy New Year

gourdongirl said...

Welcome back Mary, you were missed. happy New Year to you and yours.