Monday, July 23, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I'm so far behind on blogging I've circled back around and am now in front again! (Would that were really possible!)
Seriously, though, and in case anyone was wondering, I'm no longer unemployed. After 9 months of thumb-twiddling, I'm under contract again and am working mostly from home, which has obvious benefits (set my own hours; work in my jammies, etc.), but a few drawbacks (harder to be disciplined; more distractions, cabin fever, etc.).

I've been in talks with these people for four long months, which was very frustrating because I'd hear something promising one day and then hear nothing for two weeks and think that they'd changed their minds. Such is the nature of this biz I'm in.

Anyway, suddenly, I have less time for extracurricular pursuits, (doggone job gettin' in the way of my personal life!) and blogging is one of them. Not to worry -- I will still be blogging, but probably just once or twice a week, at least for the next little while.

I am, however, knitting again, and have two FOs I need to share here, at some point. I also have a new one I will cast on for tonight, but I need help with a pattern decision.

You may recall that my sister Anne, whom I met in Blacksburg for the Hokie Healing blanket sewing party back in June, won a lovely cashmere cabled scarf as a doorprize:

lucky winner!

I want to knit her a (somewhat) matching hat as a belated birthday gift, (I'll be seeing her this coming weekend), and have narrowed the hat patterns down to the following:


I think I'm leaning towards the cabled pattern, which then leads me to my next decision: whether I want a long fold-over ribbed cuff (bottom photo), or a short one (top photo). I think I prefer the long, fold-over cuff, but I'm not sure I have enough yarn for that.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere in red:

to match Anne's scarf, and I bought three 50-yard hanks over the phone from Mosaic (thanks, Gina!). Will 150 yards of worsted weight be enough to do the long cuff? Or should I play it safe and keep the ribbing section short?

And speaking of Mosaic....

Hey, Gina -- if you're reading this, maybe you can help me. There was some lovely but unlabeled yarn in my goodie bag from the sewing party, and I was hoping you might be able to identify it?

Here's a picture:

mystery yarn

It appears to possibly be hand-dyed, (maybe with Kool Aid?), but I could be wrong about that, and seems to possibly be a chunky/bulky weight. I'm pretty sure it's 100% wool.

Gina -- if you remember the brand, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks!


Margaret said...

Excellent news about the contract! Darn it though when you have to work instead of knit. I've worked from home too, and do sometimes now, and it takes real discipline sometimes to focus.

I vote for cables! Why not knit it top-down and you'll know by the time you get there whether you'll have enough for the fold-over cuff? I wasn't able to get the pattern download page to load to check her yardage, but I think you should be close unless your Sis likes a reaallly long hat.

Suzanne said...

Girl of a thousand gift hats!

Glad the job appeared--probably less so than you are though!

Sheddy said...

I like hat #2 with the turn up cuff. Good idea to knit it from the top down. Glad you got a job, sorry you won't have as much free time. Sometimes the busier I am the more I get done. Maybe that'll work for you too.

Nikki said...

Working and knitting are both important. I'm sorry though the first is cutting into the second :)

I, too, like the 2nd cabled hat. I love looking at all the hats you make!!

Bess said...

Well, how could that old job interfere with important personal stuff like blogging! Harumph!

No. Glad you're enabling the continued growth of stash at Chez Mary.

I will always love a cabled hat and the turned up cuff is very pretty. 450 yards ought to be enough. But my - I really did like that other hat with the wide flat design. Thanks for posting the picture of it. Just might need me a hat. ( a nother hat, that is)

Bess said...


150. yeah. 150 yards. :D

Sangeeta said...

Cashmere....NICE! You'll have plenty for the long brim.

Gina said...

That yarn is...ta-da! It's Araucania's Nature wool from Chile distributed by Knitting Fever! 100% wool approx. 138 yards. Feltable!

Sneaksleep said...

I like the Maple Seed Hat very very much, but I think the 3AM Cable Hat will match better with the scarf, pattern-wise. Congrats on the new job!!