Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters wish Joanna "Happy Baby!"

Last night we Tuesday Night Knitters got a surprise visit from fellow knitter Joanna, whom we hadn't seen in a few months. She's just cute as a bug, the picture of health in her last trimester of pregnancy with her first baby:

and thank goodness Issy knew she was coming, so that we could finally give her the baby gift we made for her:

the alphabet block baby blanket!
(and look TNK'ers - I got part of the wall in the picture - I'm in trouble!)

Everyone seemed happy to see her:

Amy, Nancy, Patsy, Deb, Judy & Robin C. caught up with the mom-to-be
(Amy is also expecting a baby -- her third, a girl!)
Linda, Rita, Norma, Renny & Sheddy stayed busy knitting
Christina taught Cathy the long-tail cast-on

Even Mary Jane was able to stop by for a few minutes and join in the fun.

Which reminds me -- next Tuesday our knitting group is meeting at Unraveled to help Mary Jane celebrate her shop's anniversary. Jane's sister Lawre is also having a trunk show of her knitting bags there that day, so if you're in the area, stop on by!

Speaking of Lawre's Laine bags, Issy brought her latest bag to knit night:

The fabric is adorned with a gorgeous Toucan, whom Issy has named Arthur, in honor of the creator of her favorite beverage:

Issy was working on one of her eleventy-seven shawls she's got going, and I could not take my eyes off of this one:

these colors make me swoon!
The yarn is Schaefer Trenna, only available at, and they are all out of that colorway (boo hoo!). I'm going to be stalking them from now on, until they get more! The pattern is the Shell-and-Wave shawl, and shows off the yarn just perfectly.

extreme lace close-up

Linda, one of the latest TNKers to join Ravelry, sat while I took head shots of her for her Ravelry profile photo:

such a nice smile

Linda also came very close to finishing her baby surprise jacket:

and I do believe I see Opinionated Knitter very close by!


And now, for something completely different....

Tonight Turner Classic Movies is airing movie musicals from the 1970's, including New York, New York, Tommy, and Paint Your Wagon. I managed to catch the tail-end of Godspell, one of my favorite musicals from that time period. If you were a Catholic growing up in the 70's, you no doubt heard some of those songs played during folk guitar masses. My favorite song from that movie, I think, is By My Side -- so haunting. A couple of fellow guitar-playing friends and I used to do a pretty good version of it in three-part harmony, back in the day....

Anyway, I mention it because I never knew who played Jesus in that movie.

nice fro
So, tonight, out of curiosity because he seemed so familiar, I looked it up on IMDB and wouldn't you know it -- Jesus was played by Victor Garber, of Alias and Titanic and Legally Blond and Sleepless in Seattle and Annie, and a host of other movies and television shows.

I've always liked him in things I've seen recently, and now I know why.

I just forgot he could sing. :-)


Robin said...

FANTASTIC post! Hey, I didn't know he could sing either!

Suzanne said...

Something in the WATER! All of those swollen waistlines....

Ranger Susie said...

I think he also played Mayor Shinn in the ABC remake of the Music Man a couple of years ago.

Sangeeta said...

I like him too! He really kicked ass in Alias, even tho he didn't sing!

Issy said...

I love the close up of my shawl!!It really shoews the pattern. My sister will love it. I think Joanna really loved her blanket. She looks great. So does Linda--she'll look good on the Post Office wall!!!!!