Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters (still) have Hokie Spirit!

Tonight, members of our knitting group sewed yet another Hokie Healing Blanket together:

two different angles

a closer look at the squares

I decided to sit this one out and let other people work on it. Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work tonight!

If you've not been keeping track, Blacksburg's Mosaic Yarn Shop blog has been updated recently with pictures of the finished blankets (thus far) on display at Virginia Tech's basketball arena Sunday afternoon.

Shop owner Gina says that they've received at least 8,500 knitted & crocheted squares so far, and more keep coming in, so the blanket knitting will be going on for a long time to come. Gina shared a very moving story on her personal blog about how one of the blankets was chosen by a recipient. Go here to read it.

And that wasn't the only blanket we admired tonight. You may recall my knitting a couple of alphabet squares for a baby blanket. Well, the very prolific Isobel kindly sewed everyone's squares together into this lovely little alphabet baby blanket (that's Issy holding it):

for one of our members who is having a boy in August. I think it turned out great! Thanks, Issy, for doing all the finishing!

It was fun hanging out with my knitting peeps tonight. I had skipped last week, and so I was having TNK withdrawals. Even though I knit nary a stitch tonight, it was fun to just sit and chat and laugh and flip through knitting magazines with these dear friends.

I leave tomorrow afternoon to go to my brother's lake house for the rest of the holiday week. It's always a good time down there. Always a fun crowd, great food, boating, swimming, fireworks and other types of celebrating into the wee hours.

Because of where he's located, there is no cell phone reception. They only have dial-up internet access, and no one can figure out my brother's very complicated television-satellite-dvd-sound set-up, which requires a rocket scientist and five different remotes to operate. You have to turn things on in a Very. Specific. Order., or else you have tv and no sound, or sound and no tv, or just white noise. Only my brother knows the Secret Ritual to turn it all on correctly. Suffice it to say there will be very little television watching, which is a good thing, and it really won't be missed. There's too much other fun stuff happening. The real hardship for me is the lack of internet access, but I think I'll survive.

Soooooooo, with no cell phone, no internet access, and no television, I might be forced to face my knitting demons. Or maybe I'll just read a book.

Here's a picture of their lake view and their boathouse and fire pit, taken last year from their upper deck:

This time tomorrow night I'll be standing on that same deck, watching the crazy, slightly tipsy men in our group down on the dock setting off outrageously dangerous fireworks. Should be fun!

I'm publishing this blog post tonight, because I have another pre-written blog post in honor of tomorrow's holiday that I will publish sometime late morning or early afternoon, before I leave.

So, stay tuned!


Nikki said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the rest of the week! If you and your knitting demons have a good meeting and it all works out, all the better, if not, you will when it's time! :) enjoy your time there...

Robin said...

Awesome blankets!!
Have a wonderful 4th of July! Don't rest too much, I'm still recovering...

Issy said...

Who needs internet/TV/cell phone when you have that magnificent view?!! A deck, knitting & alcohol is all you need!!!!!
Have a great time.
(Thanks again for my T shirt.)