Friday, June 29, 2007

Still not knitting....

I'm on my third week of knitting hiatus. I just can't bring myself to knit a stitch, and am not sure if it's the insufferable heat, the inertia of unemployment, or just blocked mojo due to a promised knitting project I've been dreading because I just can't figure it out.

So, I'm having to resort to non-knitting topics for blog fodder, but it's not like it's the first time.

Non-knitting topic #1, or, How to Become Nauseous in 2.3 Seconds Flat:

This is the second time this week my computer has crashed and given me the blue screen. I refuse to call it the blue screen of death, as I don't see the words "fatal error" anywhere in that indecipherable message, but it is still cause for alarm. I wish I knew which hardware or software was causing the problem, but it's really impossible to know. I suspect it might be my wireless mouse, as I was right-clicking the last time it happened. If so, that's easily remedied -- buy a new mouse, uninstall the old mouse with its bad driver. Or else it's an issue with my Firefox browser, which would be a real bummer, since I use it almost exclusively these days and have customized it out the wazoo. No secret that Microsoft is not a friend of competitor Mozilla.

I suppose it's time to back up My Documents -- haven't done that in about a year. I may need a new 'puter sooner than I expect.

Non-knitting topic #2, or, My Nightly Visitor:

That cutey-pie tuxedo cat has visited my front porch every evening this week. He seems very friendly -- doesn't run away but actually comes to the door when I approach. My girls tend to react as indoor cats do, which is to howl and hiss at the offending interloper, but they soon calm down and just watch.

Casey, the calico on the right, (who is allowed out on the front porch because she is the trustworthy and responsible one who doesn't stray far), eventually sat on the porch with this Tuxedo Cat for good long while and no kitty-spit was sprayed. I think they might be friends now. I imagine them having kitty-cat conversations, and that the Tuxedo Cat talks in a British accent, because, well, he's quite refined, dontcha know.

I sure hope that Tuxedo Cat has a home. He/she is really sweet, but two cats in my 900 ft² house are more than enough.

Alrighty, I'm off to conduct more non-knitting activities.

I see the heat is supposed to break on Sunday. Perhaps that will help the mojo.



Nikki said...

Good luck with your blue screen!! I always hated those... :(

Your kitties and their visitor are really quite cute!

lemmie said...

hey mary,
it's funny b/c i'm experiencing the same non-knitting feeling. i think it's the heat ;)
hope you're well!

Gina said...

Girl! get your arse to Mosaic...we'll inspire you back on track! Don't lose your mojo!

Sangeeta said...

I think he should become your new outdoor kitty.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Mary, I've often taken breaks with regards to my knitting. Don't stress over it. One day you'll just wake up and say to yourself (or your cute kitties), "Hey, I feel like knitting." And then you'll pick up the needles and away you'll go.

jane said...

Being a long time knitter I can tell you that I've often taken long and short breaks from knitting. It's not your job, just what you do for fun so don't worry about the breaks. Remember you can come to TNK to chat (like I do many weeks) and look at books and magazines while you have a drink and a snack. You'll knit again when you feel like it, just don't drop out of our sights, please, Jane

Leslie Shelor said...

I was getting that blue screen on this computer; after a lot of research and annoyance I figured out that it was a conflict between my new virus protection program and an old spyware killing program I'd forgotten I had. I removed the spyware stuff and things have been fine since.

Sorry about the knitting blahs; it's a lot cooler here in Meadows of Dan so I hope things are better there!

Margaret said...

I get the blue screen every couple of weeks and think it's the wireless mouse too. It was worse with a USB "docking station" so I quit using that.

In a bit of a knitting slump too. I think it's the heat and general summer/garden busy-ness. You'll knit when you feel like it again. And if you are stuck on a time-sensitive project, ask us for help. Maybe we can get you unstuck?

Loren said...

Knitting is my job now so I can't take breaks...woa is me...ya not really. As for computer issued, I am the queen. My last computer hated me and I finally gave up and got a new one!

Anonymous said...

Your visitor looks nearly IDENTICAL to my kitty. I named him Nicholas, because he looked to me just like William Powell as Nick Charles in the "Thin Man" movies. Nick has a "bow tie," a "white shirt," a "cumberbund," "gloves" on the tips of his front paws, and "spats" going up his legs in the back.

Anonymous said...

Aren't computers a wonderful thing to get frustrated with along with everything else, lol. I'm a knitter as well, just checking out what blogs there are out there. Strictly basic knitting, nothing real beautiful like i have seen. Crochet is my strong point and with even that I get in my moods on what to do, it passes, just is a bummer til it does. Those kitties look so cute. I wouldn't mind addopting the tuxedo one. Good luck on your unemployment issues if there are any, at times I hate being a working mom, I lose too much me time, lol.

Robin said...

The dreaded blue screen! OH NO! Technology is wonderful when it works. You visitor is cute. So nice of him to come for a visit - although I be bet your kitties don't think so!! Signed: Countess Robin the Sage of New Scagglethorpe