Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh, Ravelry, you've revealed my soul....

Things I'm learning about myself (and my stash) because of Ravelry:

  • I have a ridiculous amount of sock yarn, for one who's not knitting socks.
  • I have a smaller, but still ridiculous amount of laceweight yarn, for one who's not knitting lace. Lace is beautiful, but it scares me enough that I don't think I'll be knitting anything complicated anytime soon. The idea of having to rip back lace to fix a mistake just churns my stomach. And my steadily decreasing attention span may just not be suited for lace knitting.
  • I've uploaded about 80% of my stash to Ravelry, and right now I have 66 different yarns listed. That number seems a bit appalling to this slow-as-molasses part-time knitter, and since the number will only get higher as I continue adding more stash to Ravelry, it will become even more appalling.
  • I need to figure out how to add one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed handspun yarn to my Ravelry stash. (Hi Patsy! Yep, I'm talking about your beautiful yarn!)
  • Most of the yarn I own is in quantities of just one or two balls/skeins/hanks. Clearly, I don't expect to be knitting garments anytime soon. I guess I have a lot more scarves and hats in my future.
  • Most of the yarn I've uploaded to Ravelry thus far is in some form of a blue-green colorway. I actually counted, and, not including anything that's purple or purpley-blue, a full 60% of my stash is some shade of blue, green or blue-green. I think I have a problem....
  • I need to get out of this "yarn collecting" mindset, which means I need to figure out some kind of rules for future yarn acquisition. I'm not sure yet what the rules will be, but thoughts are percolating, and I need to come up with some plan before I attend my next fiber festival, which is typically where I am weakest. At least I have a better awareness of my "blue-green problem", which might help curb my hand from impulsively reaching for everything I see in those colors. But if it is gorgeous handspun yarn like that from Pagewood Farm, my brain shuts down completely, and all bets are off.

Pagewood Farm, you're an evil temptress

I think I was happier in ignorant bliss, not really knowing exactly what I had....


Nikki said...

But when you're ready for socks or another (very lovely!) hat or scarf you'll know exactly what you've got! :)

Sunflowerfairy said...

Boy, I wish I had too much lace yarn!! lol

I have alot of leftover one or less skeiners- know what I mean? I just took one photo of them and put them under misc.

Lazy? Yep.

Robin said...

I'm with you -- I don't think I want to know how many skeins are hiding out in those 20+ containers. Perhaps ignorance really is bliss!

Jane said...

That's why I'll never post my whole stash on Ravelry. ;) I'm posting Pretty Pictures of Favorite Yarn instead!

Robin said...

WOW--I can't wait to get my invite to Ravelry! But then again, reality always comes back to bite you in the rear! The reality of my stash may be overwhelming!