Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Hokie Blanket

As previously mentioned, Issy & I brought a bag of Hokie squares back from Saturday's adventure. Tuesday night, our knitting group sewed them into another Hokie Healing blanket:

as modeled on my front porch steps


^ my favorite square in this blanket

I didn't take any pictures Tuesday night, so I missed a lot of good action shots of the sewing and the finished blanket and several visitors, including Mary Jane's puppy Nell, but Jane did a good job of documenting the evening, so check out the pictures on her blog post.

For now, I will leave you with this Hokie-colored daylily blooming in the garden today:

maroon effect


Gina said...

My good friend, Christine, who makes the Bioque skincare, knitted that light house...she'll be thrilled to hear it was your favorite!

Robin said...

Awesome...sorry I missed it! Love the blanket.

Nikki said...

The blanket is wonderful!!!

Issy said...

Can't wait to sew together another one!

renny said...

Thanks for the photo of the blanket. Orange so not being my color, it was hard for me to see the beauty in it--the love absolutely, but the beauty not so much. Being one of the holders, I didn't have a chance to step back and see the whole thing, so I appreciate your putting it on your blog in toto as it were and then I could see the beauty that several of the B&N customers mentioned.

yarnahoy said...

That blanket is so beautiful!