Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters Rock Da House!

It was a mob scene at knit night last night. Here are a couple of pictures of the crowd:

(I stood on a bench to take this ^ picture.
An artist must suffer for her art.)

And we had guests!

Jane's sister Lawre paid us a visit, as she was in town for a bead show. Here are the happy siblings:

Lawre and Jane

My friend Lou, (who usually knits with the Richmond Knitters on Wednesday nights at the Panera at Willow Lawn), was nice enough to hang with our mob last night. If you're a regular Virgin Wool reader, you may recall a few photos I took of Lou's various knitted socks a few months ago. And if you're a long-time Virgin Wool reader, you may also recall that last November I carpooled with Lou and Beth when we were up in New York for the Knitter's Review Retreat. Fun times.

Anyway, here's Lou having a deeply serious knitting discussion with Susan:

Lou and Susan

And here are a few squares that Lou knit for Mosaic's Hokie Healing blankets:

Speaking of the Hokie Healing blankets, they had another article in the Richmond paper yesterday about the blankets. Mosaic has received over 5,000 squares so far, and more keep coming in! They're having a sewing party on Saturday and are asking for volunteers. My Lynchburg sister and I are going to Blacksburg on Friday to deliver something to Tech's Dean of Students office, and we're going to stay overnight and then sew some blankets for a few hours on Saturday before heading back home. Should be fun! Anyone local reading this who would like me to deliver a square for you, let me know. I'm probably leaving town around noon on Friday.

But back to last night. There were more finished objects!

Amy brought her way-cool mitered square scarf she finished, which is just lovely:

love those colors!

And remember all the lovely yarn that Patsy dyed a few weeks ago? Here it is, all skeined up and ready to go to a good home:

mohair, alpaca and wool -- oh, my!

Unraveled's Mary Jane stopped by and paid us a visit last night, which is how we found out that someone we all know and love was going to be a television star today! You may recall a couple weeks ago when Mary Jane, who breeds Havanese dogs, brought Stanley to visit us at TNK. Later that week Stanley was adopted by new owners and moved to Manhattan. And today, he was on Regis and Kelly!

The show is having "Top Dog" week, and today's dog segment was devoted to "Puppy 101". It was so fun to see Stanley again, and now he's famous!

Look, even Kelly Ripa appreciated Stanley's handsome self:

Kelly pets Stanley

Now we can say we knew him when...... ;-)



Robin said...

WOW...what a group! I wished I was going to be In Town this weekend, I'd love to meet up with you...maybe next time. Have a great time!!

lmilla said...

Mary - I really need to come out and join y'all! I've had 2 friends say they've seen the TNK at B&N, and they thought of me! They are shocked when I've told them that I know about the group that knits there. They were both fascinated!

And I know your friend Lou! I used to work with her before I got to stay at home with baby. If you see her soon, tell her Leigh from CCF says hi.