Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And they called it -- Puppy Love....

...and they say we're much too young....

That adorable cutey-pie is none other than Stanley, one of Mary Jane's three Havanese puppies born 9 weeks ago. Mary Jane was kind enough to bring him by TNK last night: we could all get a chance to cuddle him, before he jets off to his new home in Manhattan. (His new owners will be giving him a new name, but I can't remember what that is, so he'll always be Stanley to me!)

Mary Jane has been kind enough to send all of us TNK'ers weekly updates and pictures of the puppies, and it's been a real kick.

Last week she brought all three puppies into her shop, Unraveled, and had Stanley's sisters, Fiona and Nell, try on a knitted doll poncho. They are so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Fiona in her stylin' poncho
Nell takes a turn with the poncho

Last night, Norma got a chance to cuddle Stanley:

...and I was also allowed to snorgle with him, and came very close to dog-napping him! His pictures just don't do him justice. Besides being unbelievably cute, he's got the sweetest temperament, is gentle, alert, and playful but not too wiggly or spastic. All in all, a perfect puppy, (MJ - you raised him well!). His new owners are one lucky couple!


After Mary Jane and puppy left, (*sob!*), there was actual knitting taking place, although I didn't manage to photograph everyone there.

I did get a picture of Nancy:

...working on what appears to be a purse that will be felted. Sitting next to Nancy was Patsy, whom I forgot to photograph, but she was working on something incredibly beautiful -- my eye kept being drawn to it. (I hope you'll bring it next week, Patsy, and I'll try to get a picture of it then!)

Renny is working on a beautiful top in a gorgeous turquoisey-teal colored cotton:

my favorite color!

And Amy has finished her pretty cabled sweater:


Here I managed to catch Rita and Jo enjoying a funny story that Jane was telling:

Rita is working on a beautiful top made with three different Ironstone yarns carried together:

gorgeous fabric!

Issy had yet another beautiful finished object to share:

shawl made with Noro Sakura

...and she's also working on another Tilly Thomas bag:

This time it's an eyeglass case which she's crocheting, and it's just lovely. Another incentive for me to learn how to crochet.

I'm currently working on several things, including Virginia Tech blanket squares and a black hat for my nephew's birthday (his request). I hope to have some finished-object pictures to show in a day or two....

In the meantime, Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Nikki said...

what a cute puppy. I swear I'm a Sucker for puppies! I am so the 'bad aunt' with them and get them all riled up and wiggly too!

Robin said...

CUTE Puppies! I didn't know MJ was going to be Puppy G-Momma again! How in the world did you keep from stealing one away?

renny said...

Just thought you'd like to know that the Frequent Frogger struck again. After I got home I took the sweater off the needles and realized that it was WAY too large, so I'll have to start it over again. SIGH. I wish that my swatches would match up to my knitting.
It was fun to see Mary Jane's puppy in real life. What a precious pup! Too bad we are losing him to NYC.

Anonymous said...

What cute puppies. The girls would totally blend in with Wags on the couch.

Ranger Susie

IndigoMuse said...

OMG those pups are too cute for words. Especially the one in the poncho.

I'm woefully behind on blogging and blog reading but it was great seeing you at MS&W. I also went on Sunday and loved it! Hope to see you again soon.

Nerdy Knitter said...

Oh, what a sweet bunch of pups! I remember meeting a knitter who breeds Havanese at a NoSo Knit function years ago. I wonder if she's the same one you wrote about!

I'm waiting for my inlaws to decide they want a dog, then I'm going to recommend a Havanese to them. So cute and sweet!


Brandy said...

Come on over and check out my Blogiversary contest! I got goodies!